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Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
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By: Tyler Olson


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Warning: this review does contain a few vague spoilers.


Diamonds Are Forever is the 007th 007, James Bond, movie. This film stars Sean Connery as James Bond, Jill St. John, and Charles Gray.

That's right Sean Connery is back as Bond again! Thank god, right? And with the return of the original Bond actor, everything that made the earlier movies special returned! The action was more intense, the stunts were great, the pace was fast and smooth, the characters were memorable, and the story felt like an epic James Bond tale. Even though the beginning of his movie is directly tied to its immediate predecessor, it can easily be watched without it since it makes sense as a sequel to You Only Live Twice, too (minus the new actor).

Sean Connery is back in Diamonds Are Forever
And this time, Bond doesn't care who he hurts!

Some of my most memorable moments include the car chase scenes which both looked fantastic for their age. Sure, some car stunts looked fake, but almost all modern-day car stunts do, too. Although, unlike most modern chase scenes, Diamonds Are Forever's felt more intelligent as it wasn't just about driving as fast as the car goes while smashing into objects.

We even got to see "Q" in action! This was an absolutely brilliant idea! After this, I wish that this Quartermaster followed Bond into the field of all his missions. Just imagine the new ideas he could come up with following the legend himself. Plus, the mischief he could get into would be hilarious.

No casino would ever be safe again!

Although, the best was the scene that would have even Tom Cruise drooling to try, the skyscraper climb. Yeah, he obviously wasn't as high as it looked, but it still looked fantastic and exhilarating! Would it have looked as good if it happened during the day? Probably not due to the technology at the time, so the choice to do it at night was brilliant.

The twist of the main villain's identity was extremely well executed, too. Even though I've seen this movie before, years ago, I completely forgot who the main villain was, so it was surprising even for me! I'm not going to spoil it, but the ingenuity of this twist really made this movie. It's too bad they didn't do something like this to explain the flaws in the 6th film.

I did have a huge problem with the female cast in this movie, though. Compared to the last few movies, it felt like the actresses didn't know how to act! This was especially true when it came to Bambi and Thumper (yeah, that's right) who just didn't sound or look right at all. Sure, they could do some fantastic flips and twists, but it felt like they were stunt-doubles who finally got to show their faces on the camera for the first time.

Are they about to dance or fight? And, why are they smiling?

The dumb women problem even bled to the Bond Girl of the movie. With the way she was introduced, I figured she would be a powerful and intelligent character, but instead all we got was a mindless fool. Her mistakes were just awful and face palm worthy. It was as if sleeping with 007 suddenly destroyed any resemblance of intelligence in the poor woman.

Even Bond looked sick and tired of her.

Although, even with the massive flaw in female characters, Diamonds are Forever is still a great James Bond movie, and definitely worthy of being Sean Connery's exit from the role. Don't miss this one!


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