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By: Tyler Olson

So this past month ended up being much less productive than I expected. I'm a little behind on my anime watching, and had absolutely no time to devote to anything else. I guess that's what happens when most of my time away from work is spent away from home. Summers can do that when you're dealing with temperatures dipping into the -40s in the Winter. Since I can't see that changing any time soon, it'll likely be a bit longer before I can continue working on my Trails in the Sky guide. I'll still work on it when I can, but I have no idea on when anything will be ready. For the foreseeable future (maybe the summer), updates may be a bit more unpredictable than they normally are. That said, here's the plan for the next month.

I still haven't gotten to watch World Is Still Beautiful, so that will be next. After that series is done, I'm planning on watching the anime movie When Marnie Was There, which is the last anime Studio Ghibli made before essentially shutting down. Log Horizon and Log Horizon 2 will follow afterwards. Since both of the Log Horizon's seasons are longer than average, those will probably take the rest of the month. The next anime in my queue is CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, but that will probably be in the end of July at best.

A review for the mobile game Minion's Paradise should be out sometime this month as well. I've been playing it irregularly for the past few months (it is a casual game), and through several major updates, so I think I'm ready to give a review of my experience with it.

Will there be any reviews of movies in theatres? Probably not. Sadly there aren't any movies coming out that interest me enough to watch in theatres. If I have any time, I might watch and review an older movie or two, but the odds aren't that great for this month.

Yeah, so the next month or so isn't going to be all that interesting. Who knows, though, things might change (especially if the weather turns sour) and updates might happen more frequently than I expect.

If you missed last month's update, check here.

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