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When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace
(Inou Battle Within Everyday Life)
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By: Tyler Olson


Yet another promotional anime

Warning: this review does contain a few vague spoilers.


When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, also known as Inou Battle Within Everyday Life ( 異能バトルは日常系のなかで) is a twelve-episode anime developed by Trigger based on the light novel by Kota Nozomi.

This series revolves around the Senkō High School's Literature Club after its five members are suddenly imbued with new magical powers. While this may sound interesting, sadly the anime doesn't go any further than the character building stage of all five characters, their powers, and the world that they are now part of.

Here comes the bath!

The worst part is it feels more like a promotional series for the light novel than an anime based on Kota Nozomi's story. If it would continue on, it might have become something great, but the way it ends makes it feel like the end of the anime. It was just getting good, too. It reminds me of a book series I used to read when I was young (I can't remember the name any more) that was getting really good after the third book, but it never got finished after the author got ill and stopped writing. Instead of it ending because of something understandable, like an illness, it feels more like Trigger just decided to give it a quick ending because they didn't really care about it. It makes it even worse that its format was open enough for the series up to provide entertaining stories for years if they wanted to.

At least during the twelve episodes, we really get to know the characters, and enjoy the hilarious outcomes of their new powers and relationships. Yeah, there was definitely a harem story forming, but it was done in a very smart way that just felt natural. It may be a little cliché for only one boy to be in a group filled with girls in a school-based anime series, but once we got to know all the characters, it actually made sense and felt very natural.

Sadly, this was not commonplace in this series.

I was enjoying the series, and the direction it was taking, so much that it made me furious when "The End" was slapped at the end of the final episode without providing what the title promised - supernatural battles becoming commonplace. All this series gives us was them testing out their abilities, and an even smaller taste of the larger world and plot that the light novel covers.

While I really enjoyed the characters and the comedy, the ending really ruined the anime for me. Just like so many TV shows and anime I've seen, it was killed off just as it was getting good. Maybe Trigger will surprise me and give it a second season to give us what the title promises, but I highly doubt it since they are already moving on to their next project.


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