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By: Tyler Olson

So... What is this all about? Don't worry, no real bad news coming, just thought it was time for a general update on the status of things. Besides the regular reviews, there's actually other work going on in the background. I'm hoping to post these more frequently in the future, perhaps one a month or so – we'll see how it goes.

Lately I've been publishing one anime review a week, which is actually impressive due to the length of some of these seasons, and that is likely going to continue, except for this week. Instead, expect a trio of classic movie reviews for the original Mad Max trilogy. Of course, this is leading up to my review of the new "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie now the theatres, which I hope to watch in the next week or two.

Once those three movies are done, expect a review for "The Testament of Sister New Devil" to follow swiftly on their heels. After that I'll be watching "Your Lie in April", "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!", and "The World is Still Beautiful." I'll likely release another update after that to give everyone a heads up for what's next.

On the topic of anime, I decided to revisit the Fate/Stay Night series. After watching Fate/Zero, I had a very mixed reaction to the currently running series [Unlimited Blade Works], mainly because Zero was my only taste for that entire series. Before continuing with the anime, I've decided to experience the Fate/Stay Night visual novel (video game) first. I got the original PC version, which means it isn't censored like the PS2 and Vita versions were. I'm fully expecting nudity and sexual themes to be present, but at least it will be the story as it was originally envisioned. Once I'm done, expect a review for the virtual novel, then one of the original Fate/Stay Night series and, finally, the Unlimited Blade Works series once it's finished. My current review is still going to stay since I think it will help others who aren't familiar with the series on deciding if they should watch it or not. I'm fully expecting my experience with the Fate/Stay Night anime series to be very different after I'm done with the game, though.

After Fate/Stay Night, I am planning on immersing myself in other visual novels, too. I don't know which ones or when I will get to them, but more will come. If you have any suggestions for visual novels (they need to be in English or have translations available), feel free to let me know in the comments below this article, or send me a message.

I'm still getting questions on what's happening with the TV show fan sites, which are all dead due to the stupid hoops that the networks wanted me to jump through. I am still watching a few of them online, but I won't be updating those sections at all, nor be writing any reviews for them. This choice may leave a few people wondering why I did one for Daredevil, and the reason is quite simple – it's not a TV series. Anything made for web-broadcasting companies, such as Netflix, Crackle or Amazon are not actually TV series, thus I may still review them (if they interest me enough to watch them). Yes, anime series are technically TV series since they air as such in Japan, but since our only real method of watching them in North America, especially here in Canada, is online, I don't see them as such. Don't expect any fan sites for them in the future, though.

As for fan sites, I am still working on one for the game Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is still in its very early stages, though, so it may still be a month or so before the first sections are actually available. I'm actually putting a lot of work in the look of this one, much like I did Rune Factory Frontier, so it should be worth the wait. If everything goes as planned, it should be completed just before Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter is released (which may be some time this year – Xseed is still working on it).

The Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation guide and walkthrough is on hold while I'm doing this, but I am planning on returning to it later. Because of the game's age, it isn't a very high priority, but it will be finished... eventually.

That's about it for now. There was quite a bit to mention this time, since it was the first one, but these should be much more brief in the future.

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