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By: Tyler Olson


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Warning: this review does contain a few vague spoilers.

Marvel's Daredevil is a web series developed by Netflix which shares the same universe as other MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) that other films and series take place.

The story follows Matt Murdock who is an inexperienced lawyer by day and a masked crime-fighter at night. Unlike other famous comic book heroes, he does this without his vision, which he lost in a childhood accident. A blind lawyer doesn't sound like much of a hero, but even without his vision the inheritance of his father's temper makes him a great brawler.

Just look at the strength he uses to grip his walking stick!

There were some amazing brawls in this series, but the best was at the end of the second episode. Thanks to the entire battle (calling it a fight would be an understatement) taking place in one constant shot, or what appears to be one shot, it actually felt like a real brawl with real consequences. It takes a special talent to pull of stunts like they did in that scene. Too bad that most of the other fights employed the sloppy methods that most other action series over-utilize. Maybe we should start paying actors and stunt-doubles (the actor doing their own stunts preferably) on their ability to do as much as possible on one take so we aren't left with a choppy and disorienting experience.

Other than the action, I didn't really care for much of this first season of Daredevil until the final few episodes. The story's pace was just far too slow, and it felt like it just repeated the same character information over and over until it was beaten into our brains with a walking stick. It was as if the writers wanted to create this grand mystery behind the villains plan, but they forgot to fill the time with more than repeated character building and the odd brawl with mainly uninteresting opponents.

There were a few chuckles along the way, too, mostly at the expense of a certain character's stupidity.

Then there was the explanation of Matt Murdock's special abilities, which was so vague, and obviously far too common if there are others that can do the same thing, to be believable. The series tried to be in this realistic place in the Avengers universe with down to earth villains and heroes, but it didn't work out that way since Daredevil's abilities were so inhuman that it made him a clear target for S.H.I.E.L.D's index. If he ever got his eyesight back, he would be almost on par with a few of the Avengers, possibly more with a bit more training. Unlike D.C's Green Arrow or Batman, who many people compare Daredevil to, Matt is clearly a gifted man fighting ordinary people. Maybe if they gave him some super-powered opponents and stepped out of the "realism" this series may have been more enjoyable.

Although, now that this first season is done, I do expect season 2, which has already been announced, to be much better. We don't know for sure, though - it could be absolutely terrible, leaving this series to be a complete waste of time. I'm also afraid to see how they work around the chaos caused by Age of Ultron. As it is, I can't recommend this first season of Daredevil, but if the second season does end up being good, it might be worth the watch so you know who the major players are since this first season was obviously just a prologue to the real Daredevil series.


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