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By: Tyler Olson


A Quest for Power... and a harem


Trinity Seven (トリニティセブン) is a fantasy romantic comedy (harem) anime based off the manga series by Kenji Saitō and Akinari Nao. It is directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori and Hiroyuki Yoshino. This series follow Arata, who must make seven students, the Trinity Seven, his pawns (or slaves) so he can rescue someone close to him.

Anime is very well known for its harem stories, but Trinity Seven might be one of the best ones. Part of this is because it doesn't pretend it is anything else. As soon as the story begins, Arata is told his mission is to seduce the seven women. Yes, the story has another plot that serves as s backdrop for the harem to be created in, but even when the action is in full swing, the relationships are still the obvious focus.

Notice I said relationships. Where many hear "harem" they immediately think of sex orgies, but that is hentai, not anime. There is some heavily censored nudity, but that's as far as it gets. Instead, it focuses on the relationships between the characters as they evolve well beyond the friendship zone.

Trinity Seven Fun-Time
Definitely not appropriate for children, but this is as far as the naughtiness gets.

Even though there is no sex, it doesn't mean that most of the characters aren't perverts, because they are. The two males are completely obsessed with mammaries and it's repeatedly joked that all they want to do is to see all the female characters nude. A certain character even has the power to suddenly remove another's clothing through magic.

It isn't just the men, though. Most of the other students are perfectly casual with many taboo topics, too. While this may sound like this school is filled with perverts, instead it just felt like they were all just adventurous youths who weren't afraid to break from traditional ideals. Okay, maybe they are a bit perverted, too, but aren't we all?

Trinity Seven Pervert!
Pretty much the typical man after a few drinks.
(Non-typical men, the perverts, are always thinking like this.)

Okay, that's enough about the harem, how about the rest of the story. That story focuses on the magical academy they are attending and the threats they must deal with. Yeah, I said that is pretty much just the reason the harem needs to be created, but the quality of this world and story are so exceptional that it really allows Trinity Seven to shine.

The world of Trinity Seven is one where magic exists, but behind the scenes so that very few people are aware of it. That part isn't very original, but the magic system is. The magic here is based on the seven sins and how they balance each person's personality. If someone is full of energy and ambition, they would focus their studies on sloth to balance it out, for example. All the magical powers then come from these sins, and control what actions they take. I really wanted to see more of how this magic system works on a larger scale, but with so much time spent exploring the harem side, there just wasn't enough episodes to do so... so far.

Like many other anime series, there is also an elaborate transformation system that changes the regular students into their more powerful versions. The Magus Mode transformations are actually very tame, which is definitely not what I expected from a harem anime. The more powerful looks are also not all that sexy, either... except for two of them, but even those two weren't all that revealing. Their altered forms really do make them look more powerful than they normally dress, though – especially compared to the cute sailor uniforms from you-know-where.

The Trinity Seven with Arata
Ready to take on any other anime any day of the week.

I also liked the attention to detail that the animators took when bringing the world to life. It certainly doesn't set any new standards, but everything is crisp and well animated – especially the magic. I definitely don't recall a single time where I felt that the style or animation quality was lacking.

To be honest, I'm not really a huge fan of the harem stories, but Trinity Seven isn't like the others. It is perverted, yet classy. It has plenty of silliness, but yet it is serious and intelligent when it needs to be. Even the world and story are more than powerful enough to hold their own without the harem story. Best of all, though, is that it's honest about what it is. Going into this series, I didn't have very good expectations based on my other experiences, but Trinity Seven blew them all away and set a bar that each harem anime needs to work toward. This series is definitely one that everyone should watch just to see how to do this type of genre right. It hasn't been confirmed to have a second season yet, but I think it definitely deserves to continue – hopefully for years.


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