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Akame ga Kill! - Anime Review



By: Tyler Olson


For those of you who have read my reviews for TV series, you should know how much I dislike series that constantly kill off main characters, like Game of Thrones. Well, that type of storytelling extends even into anime, at times, like it does in Akame ga Kill!

So, why would I even watch this anime if I didn't like that type of story? From what I read of the original manga, it wasn't as bad. The original story had plenty of death, but it also had rich characters who were full of life and love. The anime is just one mission after another, which often ends with the death of a major character. Sure, love is teased at times, but it's never given the chance to actually exist, let alone flourish into something meaningful.

It became such a killing-fest that I even decided to stop watching it several times, but there was something that even amongst the carnage that kept me coming back for more. It wasn't the characters, the world, the violence, or the journey the assassins were taking, but the story of the revolution against a cruel dictatorship and its effect on the people. That's right, I stopped caring about the main characters altogether; I didn't want to get attached to anyone who could die at any moment. It was probably the best choice I could have made since the last few episodes would have really angered me if I didn't.

You all look like an awesome bunch... it's too bad we couldn't get to know you all better.

I really wish the creators of this anime gave the series more time to allow the characters to have grown into the people they were obviously supposed to become. There were certainly a few relationships and character stories that suddenly stopped when they were just getting interesting because of their death. Perhaps, with the extra story arcs, the problem with it feeling like main characters were dying off constantly would have been avoided.

Actually, the first half of the season was fine, almost as if they had planned to run the series for multiple seasons, but then changed their minds which turned the last dozen episodes into a slaughterhouse to wrap up the series. Was the viewership in Japan so bad that they couldn't see it surviving for longer than one season, or was it just sloppy planning?

Although, even though I disliked many things in this series, the final episode was so amazing that it made the series worth watching. The final battle was fantastic, as was the way the entire story was wrapped up. It wasn't perfect, though; I found the ring used at the end to be a cheap way to conclude yet another character arc, but at least that annoyance was a very small part of the episode.

As it was, the series was still entertaining, and easily satisfied any violence cravings that we build up from the insanity of life. It certainly isn't like any other anime I have watched; almost as if it was designed for a more western audience. If you are looking for a very violent series, and don't care about getting attached to the main characters, Akame ga Kill will certainly prove very entertaining, even if you don't normally watch anime.

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