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Posted: 2014-12-10


By: Tyler Olson

With the new year approaching fast, and an obvious significant lack of updates since I dumped TV (read why) like it was carrying a plague, (which it very might well have been since I'm feeling healthier since I did) I thought it was time to post what has been happening, and what's coming soon.

Oh, and if you didn't hear, Continuum finally got renewed for six-friggin final episodes. I am so glad I dumped TV; this would have made me really, really angry. Damn greedy people not caring about fans. At least it will some sort of ending, right? I highly doubt that such a complex story can be completed adequately in that time, though.

Anyway... for the past few weeks I've been pretty much devoting my time finishing my game guide for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. I know it is an old game that isn't being played very much, but it's what I'm playing now. Plus, I'm using the guide to see what works and what doesn't for the next game. It doesn't have characters or items to focus attention on like RPGs do, but I think I will just base those off what worked in the RF: Tides of Destiny Guide with a few modifications. Feel free to check it out and let me know if there's anything you would prefer to be changed, added or removed.

My RF: Tides of Destiny and Legend of Grimrock (the first one) guides also received a face-life and I tweaked some content to make it easier to use. I'm also hoping they are easier to view on smart phones and tablets now, especially since there was a lot of fixed-width items before. RF: Frontier is not going to be redone as it would take a massive amount of time that I'd rather spend on making new content.

As for the next game, it's currently a toss-up between Legend of Grimrock II or Legend of Heroes: Trails from the Sky. If I get more requests for one than the other I will play that one first, so sound off in the comments at the bottom to help me choose. If no one comments, or it's a tie, I will leave it to gut instinct, or a coin toss. I am planning to create guides for them both, but just which one goes first is what I don't know yet.

I have also decided to start writing more articles, and review-like posts (not really reviews, but you'll see what I mean when they come out) for games and anime. I'm hoping that I will have a few posts out before the new year, and will try to release them on a weekly basis, maybe more frequently if I have the time.

Here's hoping for the best.


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