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Final Fantasy XV TGS Teaser Impressions

Posted: 2014-12-19


By: Tyler Olson


To kick off the Tokyo Game Show this year, Square Enix released an English version of their Final Fantasy XV teaser, which I found myself so disgusted with that found myself compelled to voice my opinion on it. Sorry if I rant at times, but I will try my best to hold back.

Honestly, I've been out of the Final Fantasy loop for a few years, mainly because I didn't game on consoles. Thanks to the releases of all the previous games on the PC, I figured it was time to start paying attention again. Maybe Final Fantasy XV was a bad time to start doing so.

I found the trailer so uninteresting that I almost turned it off before it was done. I wish I did – it didn't get any better. Apparently, someone thought having a group of boys drive around a monster-filled countryside, fighting enemies every so often, with no real story being teased, would be a great way to tease a product. Just a thought, unless you can drive the car and run over enemies, leave the car out and focus on more entertaining parts of the game.

It would have been one thing if the conversation was interesting, but it wasn't. It didn't tease the story enough to make me want to play it, and, if that was the story, they might want to press reset as it will probably fail. Sure, they don't want to spoil massive events, but without any information on what the great threat of the game is, why should we pick it up? Because it's a Final Fantasy game? That may have been enough in the past, but let's just say that the credibility of the franchise isn't what it used to be. Although, I'm sure there will still be more than enough people to blindly pick it up because it is a Final Fantasy game; some people are just that foolish, even after getting burned repeatedly.

The combat also appeared quite boring, and thus not very fun. The move away from party turn-based party combat was inevitable, and has worked so well in other series, but it appears they forgot to turn up the action. Where's the grand battles? The fast-paced action? How about the amazing abilities? Perhaps they should take a page from the Tales series; they have been doing it right for years.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the Final Fantasy XV logo, I would have sworn I was watching a trailer for the next Monster Hunter game. This might have been fixed by showing more of the game, but that, of course, means that the rest of the game is different, which it probably isn't. Even with all the negativity Final Fantasy XIII received, that game looked fun and interesting when it was being teased (and from what I've heard, the game wasn't really as bad as the very loud minority made it sound).

I really hope they just messed up when deciding on the teaser trailer, but unless something changes dramatically, I think Final Fantasy XV will remain off my list of games to play. Thankfully, the game is still a work-in-progress, so there is still more than enough time to make things better.

Haven't seen the teaser trailer yet? Check out the teaser trailer here.


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