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Season 5, Episode 6 Aired: 2014-05-19

Warehouse 13: Endless Review

Not The Series Finale We Were Looking For

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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There are normally two types of finales TV series get: ones that end on a cliffhanger because someone decided that their pockets didn't have enough gold to find a proper finale, and ones that the writers were given time to give a good proper ending. Warehouse 13's finale was neither.

There's lots of ranting below, just a warning.

Syfy gave them six episodes to build up a conclusion fit for a series that was once the shining jewel of the network, but that never happened. Three of the episodes this season felt like filler episodes and the fifth felt like a near season finale. I thought the idea that the Warehouse was about to move was going to create something epic, but that just fizzled into nowhere.

Really? Tap dancing?

Instead of an epic series finale, this episode felt more like a continuous you suck to the shows primary network, Syfy. Not that they don't deserve it, they do suck, but how about giving us viewers a season finale to remember? You know, one that makes us run out and by the season on disc so we can share the memories of a great series gone by with friends and family? I guess there is a good reason why the series was ended, someone realized that these writers ran out of good ideas. I can't even imagine the horrors that would have been unleashed if they were given a full thirteen episodes; they probably would have emotionally scared everyone who watched them.

No, the finale couldn't have been that bad. Well, it was, because it still wasn't a series finale. There was no epic fight to survive, or anything that kept us wanting more. Instead we were given massive character defining moments that would have breathed new life in the series, if they had actually taken place in past episodes instead of the finale. Sure, there will be fans that will say it was good as life will just continue on, but how about give us something more than a round table discussion.

Because fans love roundtable discussions more than saving the world.
Why couldn't everyone just follow Pete's lead this one time?

And those Pete and Myka shippers will be happy, while most others will be creeped out. Oops, did they just joke about them having a brother-sister relationship earlier on, and now have them riding off into the sunset in each other's arms. Once again, as small group of people have ruined something for the rest.

Honestly, this felt more like those crapy specials where the actors talk about their favourite moments of episodes gone by that some TV series get, only most of these favourite moments we never got to see until now. So I guess the last episode was the real season finale and this was just one of those boring discussions.

So, congratulations to Jane Espenson and D. Brent Mote, you have successfully ended a series so badly that I will make sure never to watch another TV series created by you again. While I don't send anyone hatemail, I'm sure you two will receive lots, and it will all be well deserved. Craptastic job!

-End Rant-

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