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Savage Seduction

Season 5, Episode 4 Aired: 2014-05-05

Warehouse 13: Savage Seduction Review

Perdido en la Traducción

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Hey look! That was just the third-last episode of Warehouse 13. Dreading the ending? Me too, but not for the reasons I thought I would when this season started.

First off, what awful product placement with Steve's car. It's one thing that he brags about it so much, but it's another thing when he starts showing off the features like it's a commercial. With how much money they got from that placement, they should be able to afford a full season.

Just what the series needs, two Steves!

Besides the car, Steve, and Claudia's case was a classic Warehouse 13 case with some great twists. I loved the artifact, the double trouble... Actually, this whole section was so much fun. I only wish it was extended for longer. Stories like this is what I will miss most about Warehouse 13.

Too bad Pete, Myka and Artie's adventure was utter crap. Seriously, what were the writers on when they wrote that section. I would highly recommend that they be subjected to all drug tests immediately. It was like none of the rules that were defined in earlier seasons are worth anything anymore. That artifact was supposed to help them stay out of character, but once they were back into character it shouldn't have reversed it. Or at least not with such horribly cheesy effects.

I am sure these characters would have been better without the subtitles, too.

I can just imagine the conversation now. One would say that a case inside a soap opera would be fun to do, then some fool would say it would be even better if everyone had to read subtitles the entire time. Why couldn't it just be in English? I guess that was one way for us to ignore what the characters were doing, though.

Worse yet, once again, breaking one artifact destroys its effects, but yet we are still left with the mess that is Claudia's sister. Are the writers trying to piss off fans? It's working! Oh wait, it gets better. That obsessive attachment to a TV show line was obviously a shot at fans of the series who didn't want to let one of their favourite shows to get cancelled. At this point, the way they are throwing things out the window, some fans might be thankful when it is all over. I normally feel sorry for creators of TV shows that get hate mail, but I think they might even deserve it this time.

Just two more episodes left, and I'm getting to the point where I am starting to dread it. I was upset that the series was being cancelled, but at this point the writers seem to be just rubbing salt in our wounds. They better make it up to us in these last two.


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