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A Faire to Remember

Season 5, Episode 3 Aired: 2014-04-28

Warehouse 13: A Faire to Remember Review

All In The Cards

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Who doesn't love a medieval fair? All those knights, princesses and jesters almost let you forget your troubled life.

Okay, maybe not the jesters. It's sad to think that we once considered those jesters to be entertaining. That makes it even harder to believe that so many people would dress up as a fool in this fair. I mean, they better have had some amazing contest to attract so many fools. Of course, this dislike of jesters might stem from my hatred of clowns. No, I'm not afraid of them, I just find them annoying. Why weren't there wizards and mages in the crowd? At least that was just a very small part of this week's artifact story.

Oh no! He put sparklers in his doll!

I loved the idea that this whole mess was actually a twisted artifact caught up in a love story. Sure, the love part was cheesy, but it was fun. And the idea that tarot cards can cause the challenges, not just represent them, was a neat twist, too. Plus, who didn't love seeing Pete and Steve take on a wizard and a chess queen.

The story revolving around Claudia's sister was sadly not anywhere near as fun. This whole storyline has felt forced right from the beginning, and all these new rules when it comes to artifacts are unbelievably silly. It would be one thing if we saw a situation like this in the past five seasons, but there was nothing even remotely close to this. Tack on the fact that this sister just suddenly appears in the warehouse and Artie has a room full of ideas he was working on that no one knew about, and it becomes incredibly difficult to enjoy it. It's too bad that this silly addition will likely last until the very end.

At least this happened.

Why couldn't the music box have stayed in Myka and turned her into the next terrible force for them to conquer? That would have been awesome!

So far these final episodes seem to be a mixed bag. They all have their good parts, but the season's story arc feels far too rushed and full of new rules to make it work. I just hope that it all builds up well enough to give us an awesome finale.


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