We travel to the future, the past and the nightmares in between


A Faire to Remember

Season 5, Episode 3 Aired: 2014-04-28

Quotes from Warehouse 13: A Faire to Remember

Myka: Oh my god, tell me there's cereal.

Steve: When is Abigail back from her trip?
Pete: Why? She doesn't cook either.
Steve: No, but she orders in really well.

Steve: Tell me there's something else behind door number 2.
Artie: No, but thanks for playing.

Pete: I thought Halloween was like Gay Christmas. You don't like costumes?
Steve: I'm not a cliche. I don't watch the Oscars either.
Pete: Really? Hmm, maybe I'm gay.

Steve: How many jesters can there be?
King: Look around. And that's just the line to the john.

Claudia: So, since we don't have the artifact that turned my sister into Carrie, we can't neutralize it.

Claudia: I think a little danger is worth it, don't you?

Steve: If you don't answer my question, this puppet is going to see parts of you that not even your doc...

Claire: I'm thirty years old? How can I be thirty years old?

Steve: Okay, neat trick. Now what the hell?

Pete: Not so fast there, Ozzie Osbean.

Artie: Alice, are you in there? Woah, 'kay, sorry. Just go back to planning ways to kill me.

Madame Doria: I haven't cursed anyone in years. Not since my ex-husband. Ribbit ribbit.

Pete: You know they're just using you, right?

Claire: Wow! How did coffee get to be so expensive?

Madame Doria: Dammit, I'm getting old. I used to be faster than the KGB.

Steve: How bad could it be?
Pete: Well, you had to ask?

Artie: Please don't hug me. The only thing that could make this worse is you seeing me cry.

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