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Secret Services

Season 5, Episode 2 Aired: 2014-04-21

Warehouse 13: Secret Services Review

Drowning in Lies

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After the season premieres amazing return, I expected that these last episodes would all be adrenaline-filled and roll-on-the-floor laughing episodes. I guess not. This week felt very much like your standard filler episode.

Sure, Claudia's story is obviously going somewhere, but unless her sister is going to be the one to bring on the next apocalypse, it doesn't feel as epic as I would expect. I mean, there's only four episodes left. Where's the rumbling in the dark?

Yes, I know you appear to be all powerful. Now don't show off.

What happened to the sneaky dimension jumper? Are the Warehouse alarms on the fritz after the hostile takeover? I would have expected the intruder alarm to go off by now, and I can't see him just teleporting out of there since he wasn't a reagent in the other timeline. Unless we are just supposed to forget about him, why not tease us with something sinister?

The writers are doing something sinister, though. Actually, I'm just going to call it evil. How could they seriously do this to us? Pete and Myka's relationship has always been more of a sibling friendship involving a perverted brother and a mature sister. Now it looks as if we are on the road to something romantic, which is not cool. I so hope the series will still end with one of them in some huge heroic sacrifice.

I don't think Myka and Pete ever had this level of chemistry.

Artifact-wise, the case was still entertaining. The mystery was a tad predictable, but the two artifacts that stole the show were very refreshing. As soon as she was upset with Pete touching things, I knew she was the villain. I guess that's another problem that held Warehouse 13 back from being even better.

I still want to know how do they always bring the right artifacts with them? Showing them grab the artifacts from the Warehouse and explaining what they do as they take them would be a lot more realistic than just pulling them out and Myka telling Pete what it does.

So far, it appears that the writers were so much in a rush to tie up stories that they pushed what fans were hoping for out of the way. Sure, there were a few developments that needed to be addressed, but so far it doesn't feel right. Part of that pain might still be from Myka's cancer being tossed like a smelly rag, though. That was still the worst.


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