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Warehouse 13 Season 4.5 Premiere Date Announced

Originally Published: by Tyler Olson

Syfy made the odd decision to split Warehouse 13's season 4 in two parts, and with the first half ending in October, fans have been waiting to find out when the series would return; now we finally have a concrete answer.

Warehouse 13 will return on Syfy on Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 10PM Eastern / 9PM Central.

This later timeslot likely means that it will replace Lost Girl when it ends it's third season, but many have begun to ask why they chose to place their most popular active series in such a late timeslot? Is this new season darker and more frightening? Are they trying to give the other series airing before it a better chance? Are they trying to kill off the series by dropping viewers? That last one is of course everyone's nightmare, but let's hope it all works out.

Watch Syfy's teaser to learn more:

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