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Warehouse 13 Episode Guide


Season 3 Episodes

Season 3: Episode 13 - Originally Aired: 2011-12-06

The Greatest Gift

Pete finds himself in a dimention where he never existed and his friends have no memory of him.


Season 3: Episodes 11 & 12 - Originally Aired: 2011-10-03

Emily Lake / Stand

Sykes unleashes his plan at reclaiming an artifact he once possessed while enacting his revenge on the Warehouse for taking it away from him.


Season 3: Episode 10 - Originally Aired: 2011-09-19


Pete and Myka fight for their lives after an artifact unleasheshes a zombie appocolypse while Claudia chases after Steve.


Season 3: Episode 9 - Originally Aired: 2011-09-12


Pete and his mother explore her past for questions on the new threat facing the Warehouse and Pete's childhood.


Season 3: Episode 8 - Originally Aired: 2011-08-29

The 40th Floor

After learning about an immenent attack against the Regents, the team must embark on an emergency mission to stop the attack before it's too late.


Season 3: Episode 7 - Originally Aired: 2011-08-22

Past Imperfect

Pete and Myka hunt down a killer from Myka's past while the rest interrogate a dog who has witnessed a clue to finding an artifact


Season 3: Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 2011-08-15

Don't Hate The Player

Claudia and Pete come to Fargo's rescue after he gets trapped in a video game. Meanwhile, Artie and Steve hunt down a killer Van Gogh painting.


Season 3: Episode 5 - Originally Aired: 2011-08-08

3... 2... 1

Helena returns to help solve a case that she dealt with in the 19th century.


Season 3: Episode 4 - Originally Aired: 2011-08-01

Queen For A Day

Pete's ex-wife Amanda unknowingly comes in contact with an artifact while visiting Univille before her big day. Claudia and Steve find themselves re-enacting the American Civil War while hunting for an artifact.


Season 3: Episode 3 - Originally Aired: 2011-07-25

Love Sick

Dr. Vanessa Calder and Hugo Miller help Artie and Claudia find a way around a computer virus that can infect humans. Meanwhile, Pete and Myka retrace their steps to find Steve.


Season 3: Episode 2 - Originally Aired: 2011-07-18


Pete and Myka search for an artifact causing people to go insane while Claudia and Steve hunt for Typhoid Mary's knife.


Season 3: Episode 1 - Originally Aired: 2011-07-11

The New Guy

Pete tries to get used to a new partner while tracking down a new artifact in Denver. Meanwhile, Artie and Claudia fight off a storm caused by the new artifacts in the Warehouse



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