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Warehouse 13: The Truth Hurts Review

Another Lost Opportunity

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Season finales and Warehouse 13 have never been the best of buds, and once again it does a great job at demonstrating why.

"The Truth Hurts" started off almost perfectly; it had a great villain, characters in suspenseful situations, and even the goofy behaviour that the series once thrived on. Sadly, everything only built up just as it should have until the half way point, which is when everything came crashing down. We had all this tension and excitement, then in a blink of an eye the action slowed to a stall as the other, more depressing, emotional scenes kicked in.

Why did the action slow down? It appears that the writers progressed the Paracelsus' story too quickly and had to fill in the extra time. This gave the series time for a lengthy goodbye to Nick and Bennett, time to slowly talk about Claudia's family and her future, and more time to discuss Myka's unwanted cancer. Besides the last one, which still feels like a mistake to me, they should have been woven into the action earlier so not to break the pace.

And apparently they steal ideas from the bad Star Wars films. Didn't know he was also a Jedi...

Then, to make matters worse, that unwanted story, Myka's cancer, was used to restart Paracelsus' story again near the end, and suddenly made him act like an immature child yelling at everyone to get out of his house. After Pete commenting on how the murderous man on a power-trip wasn't to be trusted, he to do just that. Letting emotions guide him is one thing, what happened here is just stupid. He should have at least discussed it with the others first? Also, what happened to his amazing intuition?

All this did lead us to what might be a great battle for the Warehouse, but so far it doesn't feel all that interesting anymore. After this extended season being so disappointing to me, this season finale did nothing to spark the excitement it needed. I will still watch the final season, whenever it airs, but only to conclude what used to be a great series. With only six episodes to wrap things up, I hope that there will be less crap and more treasure when it returns, and that it will be enough to give us the conclusion this series needs. It would be a shame if Warehouse 13 is remembered for a series that started off great and ended at the bottom of a manure pile.

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