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Warehouse 13: Lost and Found Review

To Be Mortal

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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This episode had all the stuff that would make for a fantastic serious science fiction episode, only Warehouse 13 doesn't do serious all to well.

As expected, Little Nicky came out and revealed he is the prodigy of evil by taking Claudia and Steve's mind for a spin so he can rescue a statue. We still don't know where Charlotte and her son, that's right Nicky is her son, got all these useful artifacts, but they must have had them long enough to get this all planned out. Although, we still don't know how they knew these characters would act, especially since they aren't acting like themselves lately.

Now another fan favourite character is on the brink of being lost, which would very likely cripple the series to the point that only a handful of people would watch the final episodes next season. I still want to know what the heck the Regents are doing while all this is going on.

While all hell was loose at the warehouse again, Pete, Myka and Artie were off to play pirates with Charlotte. That's right, she is playing both teams this week, likely to give Nicky a chance. All the pirate jokes were fantastic, as was this week's ghostly artifact, but there were so many times that I found myself screaming that the TV (yes I do that sometimes).

Immortal, yet unstrusting. Odd combination.

How are these seasoned agents so gullible? After Pete and Myka warning Artie about Dupres, they should have ensured that someone had eyes on them at all times, preferably from a scope of a tesla rifle. At least one of them paid the price for their treachery. Only, we now find out that all of this backstabbing was for something that the warehouse would have aided anyway. Seriously, all of these headaches because they were too afraid to ask? That makes it even worse.

The big cancer story, which very few people are happy about, also loomed over everything like a second shadowy apparition, which quickly sucked the life out some great lines. This is exactly what I was afraid of when it was announced in the previous episode, which once again proves that the writing team seems to have bumped their heads hard last year.

After the past few episodes, I am beginning to think that Syfy didn't decide to end this series because of the ratings, which still aren't terrible for Syfy, but because they didn't care for the direction the series was going, and knew that fans wouldn't care for it either. It is sad when writers end up forgetting what made their series so popular as the story evolves, which causes viewership to drop and the series cancelled. We have seen it so many times, yet writers still make the same mistakes. I am sure the series would have recovered if it was just standard 13 episodes season, which would have allowed the writers to react to the fans easier.

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