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Warehouse 13: What Matters Most Review

Back Down a Dark Path

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With so many stand-alone episodes this season, it's a huge relief that the larger story arc is finally getting addressed, only it didn't appear that was the case at first, and sadly the story leading there was filled with huge holes.

Claudia and Artie's case first appeared to be a new odd-ball case to save a young man from the effects of a distant artifact, and from our heroes case it was, only not everything was what it seemed, and after it was revealed, I am surprised that they didn't catch on.

Normally an artifact needs to have some sort of connection to its target, so what linked Nick to the goggles? When a case is normally solved, we know the answer, but this time they ignore it and became friends, then invited him over to stay. If they would have done their job completely, they would have tried to figure that out, thus exposing his true identity. Also, what is it with them bringing so many people back with them? It is getting infuriating! How about a background check first, like what the Regents do?

Speaking of the Regents, shouldn't they be keeping a better eye on what their foolish employees are doing and who they're bringing in? That also seems a bit odd.

Also, Nick putting himself in mortal danger seems a bit ridiculous as well. There was absolutely no way that they would have known that they would have saved him in time, especially with their recent record, and if so, it was even less likely that they would invite him to stay at the B&B for a while. Whoever these new people are working for, they must have an artifact to show them the future, and if that's the case, I'm sure there is an easier way.

But he looked so innocent, right?

Pete and Myka's mission was a bit more straight forward, except for the artifact itself. The idea of the artifact being shredded and used is a very neat idea, but one that would have been difficult for the vengeful to figure out to begin with. Seriously, how would any know to shred an artifact, and what it would do? I really wish this series would show us how these people found and figured out how to use these things!

I don't care for the constant vengeance link this series has been using lately, or how predictable it is to figure out who is holding the artifact is. With this pattern being repeated so often, the warehouse crew should be able to solve these cases in a fraction of the time. Also they should have known by now that an artifact needs to be whole to be neutralized, which was impossible this time.

Besides being a standard snatch and grab quest, that should have been solved faster, it did do a great job at exposing more of Pete's shady past. Too bad it wasn't something more interesting.

Steve and Abigail didn't have anywhere near the excitement, but it did move Steve's character forward after a few weeks of back-steps. Abigail has done a great job helping everyone through their darkness so far, but it sounds like her most difficult one is yet to come.

The cancerous reveal at the end will definitely force that character into a very depressing path, but I hope that their new resident therapist will help negate it a bit. The problem is, Warehouse 13 used to be a fun a goofy show, but lately it has become almost depressing to watch while these formally light-hearted character deal with some really dark situations. Realism is good, but the writers have taken the series far to dark this season.

There isn't many episodes left this season to fix all the damage, and with the new infiltration at play, it will likely only get worse. I really miss the older episodes of the series, as it just doesn't feel the same anymore.

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