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Warehouse 13: Instinct Review

Farewell to Another Fan Favourite

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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We all knew this event was going go happen, Jaime Murray's large role on Defiance and the very long breaks between H.G. Well's visits, meant that her character was going to have to bow out eventually, and Instinct seemed to be that final curtain call.

It doesn't mean I have to like it though. This was a character I enjoyed so much that I wanted them to give her a spin-off, but instead the jerks decided to ignore the cries from fans and cause her to find a job where the creators cared about her. *sigh*

At least they gave her a final send-off instead of allowing her just fall off the map, like she has already this season. She even got the happy ending that very few characters get, although I am sure fans were hoping for more than settling down into a normal life, after getting it turned upside down by this week's random artifact from the prehistoric era.

Honestly, this case could have used a bit more work. It felt as if we were meant to be conflicted by the actions of the "villains", since they were using the artifact for "good", but instead it just felt no different from any other person who tries to use the artifacts for their own benefit. This, may have been the real cause for this series' declining ratings, not piracy and whatnot. Looking back at this entire season (including the first half that aired last year), the stories are getting very repetitive; person X finds artifact Y and uses it to do Z (usually enacting revenge or righting a wrong). Sure this formula would be fine for a normal filler episode, but that's all we've been getting lately. We should be seeing more of the larger story arc, like whatever Dupres is part of. They have been slowly getting better at changing things up, like the magician case and the novel, but those are still rare gems.

What used to be the boring B Story has now become the better event. Sure the Warehouse seems to be in danger from something every week, but at least it is something different every week, and through it we are getting huge amounts of character development.

When Abigail was first introduced, I feared she was just going to be another Warehouse employee who barely contributes to anything; thankfully those fears don't appear to be coming true. With all the other people finding their place in Warehouse 13, and Artie on the mental mend, Abigail has neatly filled in the role of the supportive friend who helps everyone become everything they were meant to be. In the last episode she began helping Artie, and this week it was Claudia's turn.

Of course, we already know how much Claudia hates shrinks, so this helpful nudge was more of a shove in the right direction. I love how Claudia has finally accepted the fate that the Regents have lined up for her, and is willing to fully demonstrate her willingness to do what is needed, but just lacked the confidence. After another successful save the warehouse mission she may finally have that confidence now, or was pride we saw afterwards? It is really difficult to tell the difference some times, so the true test will come the next time the warehouse is in danger.

This will be one mean caretaker!

How about all of Claudia's inventions lately, especially with this one being created so quickly? Sure it might not shoot bolts of electricity like the Tesla, but just give her more time and she will probably create something that will make that gun look like a police taser; I just hope that the show has enough episodes left for it to happen.

As for Artie and Steve... sadly they were just along the ride. Sure Artie showed them where to go, and what the problem was, and Jinxy had fun on a really high latter, but neither progressed the characters in any way.

I am happy that everyone seems to be getting along so well, but this series really needs some more conflict to remain interesting. Let's hope that Dupres, or someone else more evil, shows up again soon, and that it is more than just a mention.

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