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Warehouse 13: The Sky's the Limit Review

No Balloons Required

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After the dark first half of the season, this second half seems to be lightening up with happier cases to help the team recover from their ordeals. While these lighter episodes may not be the most exciting, they do feel very refreshing.

In the movie "Up", Carl needed to us thousands of balloons to fly, but for Monty the Magnificent and his assistant Rose, all it took was a simple charm. We've seen some nasty artifacts, and some very beneficial ones, but none that could provide actual flight. So what if it has a nasty side effect when used a second time? Should that hold back everyone's dreams of flying? Isn't that what we have the neutralizing bags for?

Far too often it is someone with revenge on the mind that gets a hold of something powerful, so when someone is trying to use it for good the story feels so much fresher and enjoyable. It's also nice to be reminded every so often that everyone isn't trying to ruin the lives of others. It is a bit odd that they didn't realize that something was happening to their participants on their own, though. I could understand one death being ruled out, but three?

Even more questionable than the lack of observation skills was that they brought yet another civilian into the Warehouse. From what I have seen of the old man, I would not expect him to be trusted with a secret as colossal as a building full of magic! I really hope this comes back to haunt them later.

Sure he looks week and frail, but think of the chaos he could cause with more artifacts.

Speaking of civilians, Charlotte Dupres is back again, but with a smaller role than last time. Is she looking for revenge due to them helping Sutton, or is there a darker plot unfolding? So far she is targeting Claudia, which is odd since they never met before.

Claudia and Steve case was actually much less interesting. Instead of a neat artifact, all they really did was horse around a bit. While it was funny to watch Steve getting spooked by equine, watching them made me notice something very important, they aren't doing a very good job at keeping things a secret. Claudia's public display of artifact bagging probably saved a life, but it is also drawing a lot of attention. Perhaps it's time they start putting the secret back into the secret service.

Another new character also showed up this week, but this one doesn't appear to be evil. Abigail Chow, played by Kelly Hu, is the new caretaker of the B&B, and the bane of Artie's existence... well, for a while anyway. While she is definitely no Leena, her character seems to fill the void quite well. Only time will tell how she fits in with the rest of them; we all know they could all use a good shrink every so often, and not becoming tiny from an artifact... although that would be funny.

The ending spark did a great job at setting up an ominous tone for the next episode, even with the light-hearted comments by those affected. I doubt that the happy and carefree attitude demonstrated this week will last into the next episode. It's too bad we need to wait an extra week for it.

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