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Warehouse 13: Parks And Rehabilitation Review

Playing in the Earth

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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The main case this week, which revolved around The Last People on Earth (the LPE) and the Courrières Mine Miner's Lantern, just felt like a standard case with very few memorable events. Even thought the case didn't feel special, it did give Pete a chance to return to his classic self again, and Claudia some time to recover a bit from what she did to Artie.

The link between what Claudia did to Artie and Autumn did to Ryan was a good way to push Claudia into a position to get past what she did, but by introducing a character going through similar grief only weakens the impact of the original event, and seems to force the conflict into a completion. These types of situations need to come naturally, as they would in the real world. Why couldn't it be one of her existing friends talking about something they have gone through in the past? That at least would have accomplished the same effect, while adding an extra depth into the relationship between them.

With two episodes in a row with Pete's hilarity back to normal, it feels like the writers have listened to everyone's negative comments of his dumbed down jokes for the first half of the season. I know several viewers stopped watching the series because of it, hopefully it's not too late to get those viewers to return.

What the heck was up with the villain this week? I enjoy a good villainous monologue as much as the average person, but was it really necessary for him to leave a massive blind spot for someone to sneak up on him? Come on, he is emitting a giant ray of light, so it wouldn't take much for anyone tor track him down.

This man's location is as visible as a lighthouse!

The second story was Artie's road to recovery, which was significantly more interesting than the main case. The Regent's tribunal was much more emotional than I expected; I loved Pete's speech about the amazing work he's done in the past, and Adwin hinting at the difficulties he will face in the future. It was great (well, bad for his friends, great for us) how this led to Artie pushing Myka and Steve away, who were trying to help him, and causing him to incorrectly store the Norge Porthole causing other artifacts to activate, including Leonardo Da Vinci's Gargoyle.

I really enjoyed the chance for Myka and Steve to act like normal friends around him again, although seeing so many artifacts all being activated and interacting at once, especially the over-protective gargoyle, was fun too. Is Claudia's Goo-nade going to be a standard Warehouse 13 weapon now?

It is sad to finally say goodbye to Leena, but at least we know that some of her responsibilities will be handled properly. With Steve's Buddhist beliefs, I think he is a great choice for taking over Leena's job at the Feng Shui Spiral, although I fear that the Spiral won't be referred to again in future episodes; far too many things are only ever referred to once in this series, and the Spiral is far too useful not to. We still don't know who is going to take over the B&B?

While I appreciate the time being taken to let Artie heal from the chaos his alter-ego caused, it is still brought back far too many bad memories of what I consider the one of the worst episodes of the entire series. Here's hoping that Artie's recovery is a speedy one.

I still wonder if Leena's death was partial due to the writers attempting to lower the cost of the series to make the greedy NBC Universal executives happy. We know the series has always been profitable, so it would be a shame to lose stars, or if it gets cancelled, because it isn't making enough to satisfy NBC Universal. Perhaps if they would post the series online the next day like other networks do, they wouldn't suffer as much from people downloading it illegally online. Science fiction fans are more likely to watch series online, so give them the chance to do it; forcing them to waiting for 30 days after they air is ridiculous!

'Parks And Rehabilitation' was a good episode with a few neat tricks, but other than the Claudia and Artie's slow recovery, this felt like a very average episode.

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