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Warehouse 13: We All Fall Down Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Sleepy Time

The mid-season finale of Warehouse 13 tried to go out with a bang, but instead just left the feeling of despair behind instead.

Regular Artie was like the grumpy old man down the street who would yell at kinds as he chased them down the street for stepping on his lawn. Overall, he was still a good person, but he just wanted people to stop ruining his things. Evil arty, instead of chasing the kids, would just place land mines on his lawn and electrify his screen door.

If this was the worst they could think of Artie becoming, I have huge doubts for the future of this series. Artie should have become an evil mastermind, bent on destroying, not returning time back to the way it was. This was a complete reversal from what we saw in the previous episode. That was the true evil Artie, not this silly wannabe. So instead of a villain, he just became another short-lived plot.

Well, it should have been short-lived, but instead the team couldn't look past his face long enough to do what was needed to save the world. These people were supposed to be heroes! Heroes who save people from evil artifacts all the time, but instead they just held back and let him do it. I lost count of how many times they just needed to pull the trigger to stun him with a Tesla and it would have been all over. It's a stun gun! They have all been shot with it before, so it wasn't like it would have killed him. One shot and he would have been stopped.

Instead we have the big doomsday illness that is spreading through the world... which is odd. The last time the Sleeping Sickness was contained to a very small area, but somehow this artifact infected the world on a global scale. It would have been believable if it was still spread by people travelling, but instead we get this black mass circling the globe. What the hell were they thinking? I guess it will be believable for people who have no knowledge of the history of the Sleeping Sickness, but otherwise it is just a disappointment.

The characters also decided to pick the worst possible times to talk. They were on a mad rush to stop Artie from getting 2 items, but yet they still had time to talk about their feelings. Come on! Sure, they are people, but I am sure they are trained to put their feelings aside and focus on the world-saving mission first. There is always time to grieve. A regular person of the street would have been completely believable, but not Secret Service Agents.

The only bright spot of the entire episode was that it was very action-packed, or it felt that way. Until the ending, there wasn't really any fighting, but it felt exciting regardless. Although, this too could have been even better if they would have at least fired their weapons; even if they missed every time, it would have been so much better.

This episode shared a lot with the Expendables 2; all action with a terrible story. Great for the action-junkies, not great for everyone else.

Now we have to wait for season 5, or season 4.5 as Syfy counts it. Since we are still waiting 7 months until April, I don't see any why they even bother with the half-seasons. They did this on Eureka too, and it confused everyone. I guess they will never learn. I just hope the wait will be worth it.

Reviewer's Rating: 2/5


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