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Warehouse 13: The Ones You Love Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

A Stab at the Heart

It is exceptionally rare for a series to build up to a finale so amazingly, especially a mid-season finale. Action, suspense, amazing twists and even cheesy bonding moments amongst loved ones; what else could you ask for?

There were lots of stories running concurrently during this episode, so it may have been difficult for some viewers to keep up with the five separate adventures. It also meant that each one didn't get as much screen-time as they deserved, but I think it is better that they kept everything moving at a fast pace instead of spreading them out across multiple episodes.

Claudia's brother being trapped in Amber seemed oddly familiar, but effective. The only problem I found with her story was it was far too easy. While everyone else was battling mortal danger, she got to put on some rags and play with fire. It didn't seem very fair to the others.

Pete's story was the exact opposite. Things really heated up with Amanda, in both the warm and fuzzy way and the thermonuclear explosion way. I love that this artifact was not only clingy, but also intelligent. Artifacts are frequently so easy to stop that it takes the excitement out of the story. I hope to see more smart artifacts in the future so it isn't only about finding the artifact, but also how to stop them.

I can see the Kotik tattoo being very popular. It would be even better if someone figures out how to make it move around the body at random... safely.

Myka's story was also really exciting, although it did have a few face-palm moments. Did she really think that spraying a purple spray on a white sweater would be a good idea, or that an artifact might be in the stuffing of toy animals? I found it neat that, like the moving tattoo, her artifact was also a bit harder to neutralize. The resolution still seemed a bit too easy, but it was better than just a bag and tag.

Steve was with Mrs. Frederic, but they weren't off saving loved ones. Instead playing hide and seek with the Brotherhood. While this wasn't as action-packed as Pete and Myka's stories, it was exciting in its own way. Just like the others, an artifact was also in play, but in very unexpected ways. Mrs. Frederic and Steve's revelation completely changing everything we knew about this entire season. It is really rare for Warehouse 13 to create a twist as imaginative as this one... so bravo writers!

Artie hunting Adrian in the Warehouse was also a fun ride, and covered the truth that Jinks and Mrs. Frederic uncovered exceptionally. I found it a bit odd that Artie went for a gun instead of a Tesla, as well as his willingness to go so close Adrian to hear his plan, but Artie has been acting odd all season. It is as if he has been only half-there, and often did things that made absolutely no sense. Now that's all changed, and I am tempted to watch the past episodes again to see if I can notice more anomalies.

The most shocking of the entire episode was the death at the end. I still can't believe they killed her off. I know death isn't always permanent on this series, but it feels as if this one may actually be final. The hunt for her murderer will likely cost more lives yet, so I can see this ending very badly for someone.

Amazingly, throughout all this excitement, the writers didn't forget to add in the humour which makes this series so great. Most of the great parts still came from Pete and Claudia, but it even Myka got a few this time. “I feel like the inside of a microwave popcorn bag,” is definitely my favourite.

“The Ones You Love” was a great lead-up to next weeks mid-season finale. Will the corrupt be caught? Will we see justice, or will this new evil be with us for the rest of the season? I hope that this threat lasts since this series has needed a true villain for a long time, and our fallen hero has to potential to be the best villain this series can get.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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