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Warehouse 13: Second Chance Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Hearts of Purple

This week's episode took us away from the imminent danger that has filled this past season and instead gave us a whirlwind of emotions that sent us from exciting fights to a tear-jerking reunion.

Warehouse 13 episodes are normally filled with wacky situations and funny one-liners, but they were oddly absent for most of “Second Chance”. In the place of the humour was self-sacrifice. Amazingly this was fit into all 3 stories. Artie's willingness to sacrifice himself for the Warehouse, Pete throwing himself into the path of a blow that could kill him and Steve's amazing breakup with the metronome.

Steve's sister has been brought up before, but we finally got to find out what actually happened. Normally Steve's role has been one filled of silliness or suspense, so it was great to see his character evolve into something more dynamic.

It was through his story that we were introduced to Steve's mom, Emma (Laura Innes), who made a very hard decision regarding her daughter's killer, which ended up tearing Steve away from her too. She was such a strong character, and the perfect catalyst rid Steve's of his metronome dependency.

Aaron, Allison and Laura of did a fantastic acting job here. These heart-filled moments often have a cheesy feel to them, especially in this series, but their gestures, tones and emotions made the whole scenario fell completely natural.

During the artifact-of-the-week story, Pete and Myka got to explore an odd outbreak of rusting-cough. This investigation started off really slow, but the next thing I knew Pete was boxing and Myka was clotheslining people.

I have a hard time believing that Myka didn't hurt herself with that clothesline or that a man can survive getting neutralizing slime injected into his chest. I understand that these things needed to be done to move the story along, but how hard would it have been for Myka to be favouring her arm after, or Mr. Purple Heart bending over in pain? Pete's boxing needed some work too. As entertaining as it was to have Pete knocked around like a punching bag, it felt more of a quick add-on to break up the seriousness of the episode.

My biggest disappoint of the episode was the astrolabe discussion. I expected so much more out of this than a few very brief scenes with an uncomfortable Artie and three upset women. I am glad that Mrs. Frederic realized that Adrian was the evil too though, but this should have been a bigger part of the episode.

I was really surprised that Mrs. Fredric sent H.G. Wells away with the astrolabe instead of letting her help fix the problem. They better not kill her off again or there will be lots of very upset fans for them to deal with.

Second Chance was a decent change from this series normal quirkiness. Warehouse 13 is fun to watch for its humour, but the characters are what really makes this series amazing to watch. It would be great if they could find more believable fixes for their situations though.

Reviewer's Rating: 3.5/5


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