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Warehouse 13: Endless Wonder Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

The New Girl

The introduction of a new warehouse agent always makes the episode feel like a new experience, but coupled with the problems that Brother Adrian was causing, this episode became really interesting.

The latest recruit, Deb, is one of the most believable characters yet. No government training, and no in depth experience in technology, just someone who is trying to do some good. Sure she has some skills in medicine, but that isn't something that makes her a good Warehouse Agent. Noble goals, common sense, and bonds well with Pete; what's not to love?

She may have come at the worst possible time for Myka. Throughout this season, Pete and Myka have been showing signs that they might finally have something, but now Pete has Deb on the mind and Myka is gone to the sidelines again. Even though she tried to hide her feelings, It was obvious how hurt she was when she walked in on them.

Myka's has left before, only to later return, so is it possible that she may be on the way out again and Deb is actually Myka's future replacement. Death has been teased several times this season, so it is possible that someone may not survive. Deb could also just be another filler agent, as H.G. Wells has become. As Artie says, “anything is possible at Warehouse 13”.

The story revolving around these three very routine. New artifact causing a problem so they had to jump through hoops to find the artifact before it was too late. There were several twists though, which did add more sparks than normal, but overall it was just another day at the Warehouse. A good case to break in a newbie.

I loved the side-step that brought the senator to Storage Space 6. The grand introduction made it sound like this was a place filled with amazing items, very similar to Artie's introduction to the Warehouse. Where did they get all those items, the local thrift store? What would be the purpose of a room filled with busted toys?

Artie, Claudia and Steve's adventures was very different. Adrian's on the run, and he's still aiming to do Artie harm, any way he can. This week it wasn't just about unravelling his life's work, it was to take away the people close to him too. At this point, I think it is Adrian who has become the evil of Artie's own making. Everything that he has done is causing so much damage, and it is only a matter of time before something is unleashed which will have massive ramifications.

Helena is also back. It was great to see that there was a reason for H.G.'s absence, but I noticed that she didn't have the knife with her. I hope they tell us how she figured out what was going on with Artie while she was chasing it down. Does that knife have something to do with the Astrolabe?

Artie's secret is falling apart fast. First Steve and Claudia approach him with their evidence, and now Helena is ready to spill it all over the place. The mistress of time must have some tricks up her sleeve to fix this, so I can't wait to see what unfolds next week.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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