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Warehouse 13: "Fractures" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Madness Returns!

Lewis Carroll's Alice has been recreated in so many ways since its original creation, but the crazier ones always seem to be better than the others. Many will point as American McGee's Alice as one of the best examples of this, but even that one is nothing compared to the Alice who has been locked away in the Warehouse.

We have seen this one before, when Myka was trapped in the mirror; something that we were reminded of repeatedly through this episode. She was crazy then, but now she has been twisted even more. She even has a new ability this time; to go on a body-swapping extravaganza.

This run through River City, leaving confused bodies in their wake, was a fantastic ride, although a bit disappointing at times. I really wanted to see the gas station blow up in a massive fireball. I wonder how many of them faired after being discarded?

Having Myka recalling her experiences through the looking glass, and what the psycho has been through, reminded me of what makes her character so great. She may nag too much, but under that thick skin, she is the only one who shows that she really cares about people. Everyone does a great job at showing they care for each other, but only Myka thinks of the people outside of the warehouse, and those affected by artifacts.

The toll working at the Warehouse has on people has been brought up again this episode, and it is something that is really noticeable in Artie's behaviour. He was always a bit eccentric, but lately he has become a little insane. Having the weight of his time travel experience on his shoulder's is playing a part of it, but what the artifacts have been putting him through is definitely the main cause. I wouldn't be surprised if they bronze him for his own safety during the season finale.

Was this what Artie's dream was warning him about, or is this just a tease of what is yet to come? It was close, but there were too many differences. I don't think this will be the last time we see this playing through.

I understand that the need these characters have for keeping the ones they love out of harm, but everyone is taking it to the extreme in this series. This time it was Artie and Vanessa's turn. They are both part of the Warehouse, and thus both aware of the danger, but Artie is dumb enough to take the fate of their relationship solely in his hands. I think it is great that she refuses to give up on him, but to take it a step further, she should show up at the Warehouse in the future episodes and prove it.

Unlike Artie and Vanessa, Claudia and Steve actually appear to be working through their difficulties, and are looking better thanks to that decision. It may have been partially thanks to the soul-swapping they briefly went though when scrounging for the hookah, but it was a welcome advancement none-the-less.

Why do they keep thinking they can keep secrets in their job anyway? It has been proven repeatedly that secrets only have a lifespan of a few weeks, and often their problems can never be resolved before they are revealed, so why not just get them in the open and work through them together?

Leena appears to be a wild card again. We know she has been used before by McPherson, so is it possible that she might be under someone's control again? I can't tell if she was just at the right place at the right time or if she has been removing the artifacts from the Warehouse. I really hope she isn't being used again since it didn't work out very well last time.

This episode was a very welcome romp through the looking glass again, and I hope that this isn't the last time we see this psychopath. I can see a lot of backlash happening from the events in Fractures, so having to wait another two weeks for the next episode is going to be excruciating. Can they also please use Dorothy's Ruby Slippers once this season? That was way too big of a tease.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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