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Warehouse 13: "No Pain No Gain" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Limited Wishes

Warehouse 13; the place wishes come true, but as many Djinn have warned, be careful what you wish for.

Once again, the opening case had a great potential, but it was still just a teaser. I almost feels like I've been robbed of an amazing adventure after watching these opening scenes. We always just catch an ending of a story, and we have no way to find out how it began. Sure, it adds a sense of believability that these are actual people with lives, but do their lives have to be so damn interesting? Thankfully, the main plot made up for it this week.

After Mike Madden, a Toronto hockey player, gets miraculously healed, Pete and Myka got to play on some ice. First off, I am not a hockey fan, which is a bit odd since I'm from Canada, so having a story revolving around a hockey player had me dreading the worst. I am pleased to say that my fears weren't needed since the story steered clear from any of the unnecessary roughness.

Close your eyes sports fans as this story was a real romantic comedy. I was really surprised at the way everyone just fit into their roles so well. Mike as the hunky bachelor, Myka as the woman who won his heart, Judy the crazed fan that would do anything to be with him, and Pete as the sassy friend that's caught in the middle. These characters were all so fun to watch, and yet plausible, in this fictitious situation, thus they provided the basis of some of the best quotes of this entire season so far.

The real charm came when Pete admitted his feelings for Myka. This was hinted many times in the past episodes, but Myka has so far been oblivious to his feelings. This could complicate things as the season continues, but I'm hoping for the best for these two.

Now they have an artifact which can grant wishes, and as it seems, only to those who the wielder loves. I can see this being the perfect artifact to help Steve with his little problem, especially now that his secret is not much of a secret anymore.

Pete and Myka's part of the episode was a great character-driven story, but I found Steve and Arty's to be much more interesting. Even more artifacts have been stolen from the Warehouse, and in their places were Black Diamonds, which of course link us back to the Templars. Steve being the bloodhound he is, blows Artie's case open. He doesn't know the full truth yet, but it's just a matter of time before he figures it out.

Arty has been so busy trying to find these missing artifacts that he has thought to find out how they are getting in and how they are bypassing the security system. We know that Claudia can do it in her sleep, but I doubt she would consciously betray him... although, once again, she could do it in her sleep. This may also explain Artie's dream, too. I have a feeling someone has a dream amulet in their possession. I blame Brent Spiner.

The last little story brought out something I have been suspecting for a while now; Claudia is a regent in training. The Christmas Carol show and tell fit in very well here. We knew that Pete has a gift for premonition, but it appears that Claudia can too. I find it a bit odd that they are focused on Claudia instead of Pete, given her shady past though. With the display into Mrs. Frederic's life, is Claudia going to be replacing her soon?

This was a great and well-rounded episode. We need more episodes like this, except with less hockey.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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