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Warehouse 13: "There's Always a Downside" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Someone Has Lost Their Marbles

This episode had a bit of everything. One intense marble hunt, a slow rhythmic jazz and a pissed-off brother with questionable motives. With so many huge guest stars this week, what could go wrong?

Sam Huntington was a very welcome guest star this week, but i just wish his story was a bit more entertaining or had more time to tell a story. He did a great job at making his role as Ethan his, but there was no real excitement until the very end. It was a good idea to cross the jazz story with the metronome though.

The shining star was definitely Bobby Fisher's Marbles. It is always great to see Odo again... sorry Hugo (names are even similar). Rene Auberjonois' character may only show up once a year, but his character fits in so perfectly each time.

The nefarious black pulsing vein has found its way to his nephew and his friends, but someone lost some marbles. I never did understand why the artifacts are 100% immune to the goo unless they are whole. I don't expect that it would remove the curse completely, but it should do something. This did give us an enjoyable romp through a college though.

The twist with the headmaster was very well done and added a lot of needed tension to this episode. Also the second twist when they return the marbles to Arty was also a real shock; one that tied with the overarching story amazingly. I guess you can say that both Hugo and Arty have lost their marbles in more ways than one!

Brent Spiner's role is finally getting interesting. It isn't as great as his Fresh Hell webseries, but it's more interesting than what it was for the first few episodes. Is Brother Adrian the evil that Arty created? At this point it may be a good idea for Arty to come clean. He did go back in time essentially to save the world, which is a reason that Adrian would hopefully understand. If a great evil is coming, and the brotherhood isn't it, it would be a great idea to have as many people fighting it as possible instead of making the warehouse agents' lives a fresh hell.

I'm still missing H.G. For a Warehouse Agent, she sure is away a lot.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. There were parts that were fantastic, but others just seemed to drag on and not really go anywhere. This series frequently has this issue, so I'm surprised they haven't ironed them out yet.

While we are waiting for next week's episode, do yourself a favour and watch Fresh Hell if you haven't already.

Reviewer's Rating: 3.5/5

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