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Warehouse 13: "Personal Effects" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

The Devil's in the Details

Welcome to the Warehouse 13 Scavenger Hunt! Whoever collects the most artifacts in a day wins a prize... or not. This week, we were graced with a month's worth of artifacts in one episode, which gave us a wild ride through Devil's Lake, North Dakota, where we had no idea of what to expect next.

I think the writers had a bunch of artifacts that they thought of, but couldn't figure out how to make an interesting story which could last an entire episode so they threw them all together into one. A spider charm, sunglasses that make people invisible, a violin that shoots of negative emotions, a 9 iron that possesses the wielder while amplifying their anger, a waffle iron that melts your skin off, a birdcage which may have belonged to Daphne du Maurier (Author of The Birds), and the main artifact of the episode, a tornado spawning pipe.

There were so many artifacts, that we needed six artifact hunters to track them all down, but once again Helena wasn't among them. Sure, Pete felt like Helen Hunt in Twister, but he is no Helena Wells. They better have an amazing explanation for this, like a spin-off (please, please, please!) since so far she seems like a wasted resurrection.

The sixth member was still an amazing addition. Leena is out in the field and working like a pro! I never did understand why she never had a larger role before. As important as cataloguing and feeding everyone is, she deserved more. I hope that this is just the beginning of a larger role for this character in the series.

The brief glimpses we got of these artifacts, except for the Waffle Iron since that one never was shown, showed that they all were great additions for this series, but the crowning star was definitely the wind pipe. There will be a time in everyone's lives that we wish we could control the weather, so this pipe would be the ultimate gift for anyone, especially a mad scientist.

Instead of the artifact landing in the hands of the brilliantly insane, we get a man with money problems. I didn't understand how a tornado could safely rip apart an ATM without losing all the money in the process, but the armoured car idea was fantastic. No lock can stand up to a drop from a tornado!

The parts I didn't like was the reason for it, and how it ended. Was this a shot at the heath care system pre-Obamacare, or was it showing that it didn't matter as health care will suck regardless? Tugging on our heartstrings is a great way to get us to feel sorry for the villain, but don't tack on what appeared to be a political agenda.

On the topic of our hearts, most viewers just want their villains to be villains, and this one could have been great. I would have enjoyed an entire season with the team chasing a bank robber with the pipe across the world, while they were dealing with the other artifacts and problems on the way. Perhaps it will get stolen and used in a more menacing way in the future episodes.

We were also introduced to the first side effect of the Metronome. Apparently Steve's pain is transferred to Claudia. The injury may not get transferred, but there is only so much the body can handle before something gives out. What happens if he gets shot again? Will she pass out while Steve continues on, or could something even worse happen? Of course it could get worse. So far Steve is keeping tight-lipped about what he figured out, but if this continues, the regents may step in, regardless of the risks Claudia is willing to take.

The 9 iron also caused Artie to slip a bit, and now Leena is going to be keeping a closer eye on him. He must have known that keeping this type of secret was going to come out eventually, and with the stress from his dream, he isn't going to be able to deal with it for too much longer by himself. He was told that he couldn't tell anyone, but we don't know why. Will it unravel the changes he made, or will it unleash the evil that he has been warned about?

I really enjoyed most of this episode, especially Pete and Claudia's one-liners, and the artifacts were really great as well, but once again, it just missed the mark. Perhaps it was just too much in one episode, or the lack of anyone for us to vilify. A great story needs the good and the bad to be memorable, and so far this season is missing the bad. Give us a villain, one that we can relate to, but still hate and fear. Teasing us with a coming darkness is great for the first episode, but without any substance, we can't react to it.


Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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