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Warehouse 13: "An Evil Within" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

The Waking Dreams of Cthulhu

This week there was no world ending disaster, or any great evil plan that was threatening the destruction of Warehouse 13 or its members. This time, it was just a good old-fashioned artifact hunt, with a twist. When Lovecraft's key to waking dreams is involved, it was a sure thing nightmares would follow.

After people at a diner sees another patron as a terrifying beast with tentacles and wings, any fan of H.P. Lovecraft will immediately think of Cthulhu, and even if you aren't they still probably recognized it in some way. Cthulhu has become so ingrained into our culture that almost everyone has likely seen an image of this beast at least once, but typically Myka is part of the very small percent.

Not only was she having a really bad hair day, this case was clearly way out of her comfort zone. With her fear of tentacles, she must be a blast at aquariums and anime conventions.

The way we were only given very brief flashes of the creatures really helped to project the feelings of terror through the TV screen. It also did a great job at preventing our minds from noticing how fake these creatures looked. Even though I would love to see Cthulhu rampaging through Philadelphia on this series, I know that the budget would never be able to do it justice, so I will just take these brief glimpses we were given into the horror.

I am really disappointed that H.G. Wells wasn't part of this case, or even the episode at all. She would have been a great fit for this type of case, especially with the snarky comments she would have made during it. I really hope she returns soon. Having her reinstated, then never to be shown in the following episode feels like a sharp kick in the gut.

While Pete and Myka were chasing nightmares, this season's overarching story continued with Arty and Claudia.

We knew that Arty was still going to be dead set against Claudia resurrecting Steve, but surprisingly he was stopped by none other than Jane Lattimer. I never expected a regent to step in and allow Steve to be resurrected, but Jane was always shown as the rogue in the group. She must have known, like the others, that there were too many unknowns about the Metronome to use it safely, but she still helped Claudia anyway. Did she feel that sorry for Claudia, did she really believe that Steve was needed, or was there another plan for his resurrected body? Now that his fate is in the hands of the regents, there is no way to tell what new end he will face.

Arty may have been able to put up a bit more of a fight to stop Steve's resurrection if he didn't have his hands full with another matter. Brother Adrian is apparently very aware of the Warehouse's existence, and has come to Arty to find his missing Astrolabe. Brent Spiner's second appearance had a lot more screen time than the season première, but it still lacked the involvement that I was expecting from his character. I hope that as more of the great evil is revealed, he will play an ever-increasing role in the coming events.

Overall, this episode was enjoyable, but it left me wishing for so much more. Perhaps if Cthulhu was part of this great coming evil, or Brother Adrian pushed the full extent of this great evil coming more, this episode may have been more satisfying.


Reviewer's Rating: 3.5/5

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