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Do You Believe in Miracles

Season 9, Episode 23 Aired: 2014-05-20

Supernatural: Do You Believe in Miracles Review

Heaven Hath No Fury

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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A funny thing happened. Okay, maybe it was more annoying than funny. You see, I lost all my TV and Internet services just before the Supernatural season finale aired, then I had a huge backlog of reviews to write once they were restored, and by the time I was done I completely forgot that I didn't watch the last episode of the season. That is, until I had a dream that Supernatural was still running through the summer and when I awoke I realized what I missed. Realizing I obviously had a hole in my heart that was plaguing my dreams, I rushed to the net and watched the finale. Wait, how about all the other reviews like the 100 and Orphan Black? Expect an explanation for those series soon.

Anyway... When Supernatural first came out, I loved the kick-ass music and the paranormal ass-kicking, but now it's painfully obvious that they need some new songs. I'm not just talking about the same music that is being repeated over and over again like some skipping record, but the main song and dance (aka the story) as well.

Sure, there was a short fight after the minutes of dialogue, but it should have been bigger.

Things are so predictable at this point that I knew how this season was going to end months before we got here. The latest seasons have fallen into a certain pattern where things get really bad, and one of the brothers finds a way to stop it, at a high price – their life. How many times have Sam or Dean died saving the world only to be brought back again, anyway?

This time it was Dean's turn. The First Blade story was only going to end one way, Dean becoming evil. Sure, he killed Abaddon, which will make the world a better place, and played a role in taking down the angel who wanted to be God, but in the end, he still became the very thing he tried to kill for so many years. At least the series will have a new big-bad for the next season now, as long as Sam and Castiel don't figure a way to save him somehow in the premiere. Since they don't have a working demon cure hanging around, that is unlikely.

Never would have thought these two would be allies, though.

I do like the idea of Castiel becoming the sly hero to replace Dean, though. I always found Cass to be an underutilized character... until this season, anyway. And thanks to his new repository of cult-classic knowledge and his huge victory against Metatron, I can see him becoming a fantastic hero next season. Sure, the Sam and Cass team-up will never fully replace the brotherly love, but it should still be entertaining and fun. Plus, who knows, maybe it will be even better? I've been getting tired of the constant sibling bickering anyway.

Even though this ending was a tad predictable, I still enjoyed the season finale. It wasn't an epic conclusion, but it was still a fitting end to a story that already went on long enough. Although, I really hope that writers split up the next season between 2 story-arcs, each lasting half the season. By breaking the seasons in half we will hopefully get a faster-paced story, and will significantly reduce the amount filler episodes.


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