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Stairway to Heaven

Season 9, Episode 22 Aired: 2014-05-13

Supernatural: Stairway to Heaven Review

Gah, Suicide Angels

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With the story moving away from Hell and converging toward Metatron, I expected some serious developments this week. Sadly, instead of a vibrant gem before the season finale, what we got a story which I found to be very dull.

We already heard about Metatron's super-secret club, but suicide angels? Really? This was just an awful, awful idea. Not only has the story been twisting rules set in previous seasons lately, but now it heads into a realm of suicide bombers. Someone took a wrong turn if they decided to progress the story in this direction.

Then, just to make it worse, the Angels quickly switch from worshipping Castiel as saviour, to hating him just because he proves that he isn't a killer. If Castiel killed him, they would have suspected him to have really sent bombers, and now that he didn't they just think he is, what, weak? Just when I thought that the angels were all jerks that didn't deserve to be saved, they do this. Maybe it required you to be insane, or high, or maybe drunk, or all three, to accept it.

And here I thought his army was going to be a good thing...

Of course, this was all compounded with Dean's new kill first, ask no questions because I'm the dictator policy. I knew Dean was going down a dark path, but I have trouble accepting that even he would think that he is doing the right thing at this point. This had better develop into something game changing for the future, because if the writers suddenly just drop this, like they did with so many other events in the past, they are going to lose viewers... Lots of viewers.

I also find it unrealistic that Metatron has become so powerful that he can trick angels into believing rooms are doorways to heaven until they open the door. Seriously, what are angels? They seem like a group of fanatics who escaped from a mental institution lately.

And who in their right mind would let a bowling match decide the fate of many?

All the pop-culture references were loads of fun, though. At least that is one thing good about Metatron's story. With Castiel's new knowledge, and waning grace, maybe he will snag Metatron's grace in the season finale and become a walking treasure-trove of pop-culture references next year. That would certainly make things even more entertaining.

Yeah, so this was definitely not my ideal lead-up to a season finale. Add in Supernatural's history of poor season finales, and my outlook for the finale isn't all that hot. Who knows, maybe it will be awesome like season five's ending. No, probably not.


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