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Season 9, Episode 20 Aired: 2014-04-29

Supernatural: Bloodlines Review

Hold the Bloodlines

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Some spin-off ideas are fun, others make a good episode or even extended story arc, but many are just really, really bad. Thankfully, Bloodlines isn't a really bad idea, but it still wouldn't make a great spin-off, either. Or, not yet anyway.

This whole monsters running Chicago story might make a great story-arc for Sam and Dean to be mixed up in. Actually, after this whole fallen angels story is done, it should be something they should revisit, get these new characters into a recurring role, then, and only then, spin it off.

Sam and Dean seem to be getting soft since they left these two alive.

The main reason The Originals worked is because we already knew many of the lead characters, as well as their history. Flash will even work because some of the characters were introduced in past episodes of Arrow, plus it already has the whole comic book thing going for it. With Bloodlines, we don't know any of these new characters.

All these characters were introduced all at once, and with barely any time to let them show us why we should care. Sure Ennis, Violet and David seem to be alright characters, but we still barely know them, and what we do know doesn't make them all that interesting. Not a great base to start a whole new series from.

The biggest problem with this whole story, though, is how similar it is to the Originals. Basically New Orleans is substituted for Chicago, instead of witches you have Djinn, and the starring group is the, the Haydens, a family of shape shifters, instead of the Mikaelsons. Hell, we even have a silly cross species love affair already. How about we get something new for one of the CW's longest running series?

Since when does Sam and Dean hunt people who are hunting monsters?

I didn't have much enthusiasm for this potential spin-off before, and I'm pleased to say it was better than I expected - which wasn't that hard - but I still don't want it made. Let Sam and Dean return to Chicago next season and play with the idea again, then it might work, but as it is, I can't foresee myself watching the Bloodlines spin-off.


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