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Alex Annie Alexis Ann

Season 9, Episode 19 Aired: 2014-04-22

Supernatural: Alex Annie Alexis Ann Review

Family Bites

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Who doesn't love a good vampire episode to get their heart pumping?

Okay, maybe in the early seasons there would have been a huge amount of people thrilled over a vampire nest, but those days are long gone. Since then, the Winchesters have taken on enemies that make those vamps look like parched hobos with bad teeth. Come on, if a sheriff can figure out how to defeat a vampire just by doing some research, then they are obviously aren't much of a struggle. Well, unless you're loudly marching into their nest.

Why does Sam and Dean "sneak" into a house wearing heavy, noisy boots? Are they trying to get caught all the time? They do seem to be very good at getting captured lately. Is it because of their ego, are they getting sloppy as they get older, or is it because they're just not thinking straight? If this trend continues on into the next season, they better get someone to follow them full-time to save their asses, and I can't see that being Jody.

She would make a good hunter, though.

It was great to see Sheriff Mills again, but a standalone episode so close to the season finale is still frustrating. With so much happening between Heaven and Hell, I don't understand why neither of those stories are being concentrated on. Sure, we see Dean's anger building, but it was only enough to remind us that there are better things they could be doing.

I've also noticed that the writers seem to be working awfully hard to paint the monsters as humans with a curse. The werewolf family earlier this season was one thing, but we've seen all sorts of humanity from different monsters, too. Sure, we had Benny last season, but he was supposed to be the exception. More and more it is starting to feel like the series is walking into another dimension. Who knows, maybe they will even head to New Orleans and get caught up in a war between wolves, vampires and witches next year.

Next week won't give us any continuation of the main story either, since it is the pilot for the potential spin-off. To be honest, Bloodlines better be exceptional if it is going to win the hearts of Supernatural fans and the CW execs. "Good" may have been enough for The Originals and (likely) Flash, but Bloodlines isn't generating much enthusiasm at this point, which isn't a good sign. Until I see it, I will expect the worst yet hope for a surprise; that way I won't be disappointed.


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