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Meta Fiction

Season 9, Episode 18 Aired: 2014-04-15

Supernatural: Meta Fiction Review

Changing the Story

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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I always enjoy it when TV series break down the fourth wall, but I'm not sure which wall Metatron is demolishing. It's one thing for a character to know they are in a story, but what about when a character in the series is creating the story?

Since Metatron can shape the world of Supernatural, how do our heroes, or villains as Metatron calls them, even stand a chance? We're talking about a being so powerful that he can toss everyone aside with a wave of his hand, erase spells and traps from existence, push characters down paths of his own choosing, and provide someone with vast amounts of information in seconds. He's just a little too powerful, no?

I so hoped he was really coming back.

It's even possible that he's responsible for guiding Dean to the Mark of Cain, thus removing them out of his battle. With Dean so fixed on finding Abaddon, the Winchesters are barely paying any attention to the plight that Cass is dealing with. It seems as if Sam and Dean can take on one target with ease, but when they are split between two major enemies they make so many mistakes that they end up making things worse.

Just look at what Sam and Dean did in Meta Fiction. He had the perfect chance to take out Metatron's biggest general, yet they handed him back over so he can continue being a pain in their asses. Sure, Metatron threatened to end Cass' journey, but I doubt that would have happened from what Metatron told him. Plus, they should have just killed him when he didn't give them what they were looking for. He was just too dangerous to let go.

Last time they let the angels fall from heaven, and didn't even accomplish sealing hell. Now it's the same thing all over again; by concentrating on hell they are ignoring the larger threat of Metatron. If this season ends with Dean evolving - or would that be devolving - into a new knight of hell, and Castiel leading the angels to be slaughtered, next year will definitely start off very dark. It's almost a shame there isn't more time for this to grow.


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