We travel to the future, the past and the nightmares in between


Meta Fiction

Season 9, Episode 18 Aired: 2014-04-15

Supernatural: Meta Fiction

Episode Plot

Metatron attempts to get Castiel to join forces with him. Still furious with Metatron, Castiel refuses, which sets a surprising plan in motion. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel.

Starring Cast

Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester


Episode Quotes

Castiel: I miss my wings.

Gadreel: Humans never cease to amaze me.

Gabriel: Used most of my juice to get back into porn... That came out wrong.

Gabriel: Bitch, please, you've been god more often than dad has.

Metatron: This is the curious incident, hey Inspector Gregory?

Metatron: Either of you bring s'mores? Holy Fire always gives them a delightful minty aftertaste.

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