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Mother's Little Helper

Season 9, Episode 17 Aired: 2014-03-25

Supernatural: Mother's Little Helper

Episode Plot

Dean struggles with the after effects of the Mark of Cain. Meanwhile, Sam hears about a case where straight-laced people are turning into violent murderers. Sam suspects possession and suggests to Dean that they investigate, but Dean tells him to go without him. While interviewing the local townsfolk, Sam meets an elderly woman named Julia, who tells him the Men of Letters came to town in 1958. Josie tells Sam the story of a young man named Henry Winchester and his female companion, Josie Sands. While Sam is away, Crowley tests Dean.

Starring Cast

Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester


Episode Quotes

Dean Winchester: Maybe she snapped? Ankle biters can do that to you.

Sam Winchester: It's like the littlest things can set them off... kinda like me.

Julia Wilkinson: I say demons and you don't bat an eye when everyone else around here thinks I'm nuts on toast.

Abaddon: Abaddon takes what she wants, and right now she wants everything.

Sam Winchester: Can I ask you something?
Julia Wilkinson: If it's for a date, I'm sorry, I never see anyone under sixty-five. Too much drama.

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