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Blade Runners

Season 9, Episode 16 Aired: 2014-03-18

Supernatural: Bladerunners Review

Royal Pain

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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The Blade of Cain story has been floating in limbo for a few episodes now, so it was past time that it was pushed onward again. Although, something tells me that Dean is regretting his enthusiasm.

But first, let's start with what Crowley was up to this entire time. Wow, we knew he was different after being held by Sam and Dean for so long, but I never expected him to suddenly turn into a human emotion junky. That is what his whole blood-infused tear-fest was all about, right? Too bad for him, there probably isn't any Emotions-Anonymous meetings to help him get clean again.

Once we got caught up with Crowley's story, the quest for the blade sped on nicely. Well, until we got to the whole crazy artifact collecting mage who needed much more backstory than we got. Sure, most of Supernatural's guest monsters are shallow, but when we are dealing with someone who's lived as long as "Magnus", what we got wasn't anywhere good enough. It felt like just as we were getting to know the character, his story was done. Why couldn't he have been a recurring character instead of a brief pit stop on the road to take out Abaddon? So very disappointing.

Even more disappointing was Sam's sudden take no shit and lets backstab people who are helping us behaviour. I know that Crowley has put them through a lot, but it's painfully obvious that he is a very different monster than in seasons past. Has he not been a good sidekick? Do they not realize that having the King of Hell in their back pocket would come in handy? What happens if someone worse takes over Hell once they dispose of Abaddon? I guess they will cross that bridge when they get to it, right? Talk about no sense of a long-term plan with those two.

It looks as if Dean just realized he is totally screwed and unloaded the remnants of his last pie into his pants.

Of course, something tells me that Dean is not going to be the same when he uses that blade. I've suspected that he was heading down a dark path for some time now, but the way he and Crowley have been sharing glances, and the rage he is starting to show, is's obvious that he is losing his humanity on this quest. Who knows, maybe he will ice Abaddon and Crowley then take the throne for himself. I'm sure Sam and all his friends and family in Heaven would be so proud of him when he becomes the new king.

Sadly, this is starting to get awfully similar to season nine's story progressed, only it is a different brother who is at risk. Because of that, I doubt this will end in any way that we'll be satisfied with. Likely, Sam will somehow stop Dean from losing his soul, thus not killing Abaddon and/or Crowley, the blade will be tossed into some corner of their base, and they will continue dealing with them in the coming seasons. I really hope I'm wrong, though. This series needs a huge story-changing twist, and soon.


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