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Season 9, Episode 15 Aired: 2014-03-04

Supernatural: #THINMAN Review

Scooby-Doo Time

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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We haven't seen the Ghostfacers since they almost lost their lives five seasons ago (yeah, it's been that long), but they're back... Well, more or less.

It seems that the supernatural experts have run into some hard times with most of the group abandoning Harry and Ed to live the amature hunter life on their own. At least they were hunting the famous Slender Man... errr... Thinman. If you've never heard of the "legends", this episode outlines it quite well, while making a few tweaks to change it up a bit.

Monsters and killers, the original photobombers.

Although, the big Thinman twist at the end actually made this episode feel disappointing and hollow. Here we have all the ingredients for a fantastic supernatural creature and it was squandered with a poorly done Scooby-Doo style ending. Okay, maybe the reveal was a bit nostalgic, but it could have been done better if it wasn't revealed earlier on in a less dramatic way. Why do the villains always reveal themselves to the heroes instead of just killing them?

Although, I did love the idea of using Harry and Ed's situation to give Sam and Dean a mirror to look into. The two brothers have been fighting in various ways right from the beginning, but their current mood has removed that brotherly bond which held this series together for so long. Will them seeing how secrets hurt the Ghostfacers help bring them back together? Knowing Dean, I doubt it. He has darkside written all over his destiny.

So, while I found #THINMAN to be a fun and entertaining episode, I feel it could easily have been so much more with a few tweaks to the story.

**Spoiler alert below**
For example, how much more awesome would it have been for them not to reveal who Thinman was until after Harry and Ed stormed in, took them by surprise and tore off the mask?


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