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Quotes from CW's Supernatural

Season 9

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Season 9 Episode 1: "I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here"

Sam Winchester: Thousands of super-powered dicks touching down and we got no idea where to start.

Dean Winchester: You're dying Sam.

Castiel: I would fly, but I don't have any wings... not any more.

Bobby: Well, that just got real uncomfortable.

Biker: I'm going to finish this call, then I'm going to stab you.

Hael: What is an angel with wings?

Dean Winchester: I'm sure that you're a nice person, and that you mean well, but "inevitable", that's a fighting word where I come from. There's always a way.

Dean Winchester: I have the King of Hell in my trunk.

Ezekiel: Are we creatures of wrath or compassion?

Castiel: If you could do anything, what would you do?

Bobby: You save the world, son, how many people could say that?

Dean Winchester: I think we got more company!

Hael: This is all your fault, isn't it?

Dean Winchester: My plan is to fight. My plan is to try. My plan is to give a damn!

Dean Winchester: Bite me!

Dean Winchester: Anybody ever tell you "you hit like an angel"?

Death: Hell, Sam, I've been waiting for you.

Death: I consider it quite the honour to collecting the likes of Sam Winchester.

Sam Winchester: Can you promise that this time it will be final?

Hael: It's the best of a bad situation, Dean.

Castiel: I will never stop being one of you.

Hael: They will seek a vengeance on you that will make God striking down Lucifer seem like child's play.

Dean Winchester: There ain't no me if there ain't no you.

Season 9 Episode 2: "Devil May Care"

Dean Winchester: If things go Breaking Bad, he knows our number.

Dean Winchester: Thanks to Metatron, we have a couple of thousand confused loose nukes walking around down there.

Sam Winchester: I would have stabbed him in the brain.

Dean Winchester: I figured the king of hell might know a few things, so why not Zero Dark Thirty his ass?

Dean Winchester: He's the junk in my trunk.

Dean Winchester: Next time the world is ending, grab a gun.

Crowley: Where'd you get this fantastic little tree house?

Crowley: Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier, really putting the S-A-M in S-and-M.

Abaddon: What the hell happened to hell?

Abaddon: The king is dead, long live the queen.

Abaddon: You go to hell and tell them "I'm coming".

Dean Winchester: I'll take demons for a thousand, Alex.

Major Velasquez: Kid, I don't have to do anything and I don't take orders from a Feeb, so unless you can give me one good reason you got a couple of pretty boy agents poking around my crime scene I'm gonna put them in cuffs and spank your ass raw, you understand?

Kevin: 'Cause I'm Kevin friggin' Solo.

Sam Winchester: You know this is a trap, right?
Dean Winchester: Yup.
Sam Winchester: And we're just going to walk right into it?
Dean Winchester: Guns blazing.

Crowley: I torture all my friends; it's how I show love.

Dean Winchester: Come and get it you dicks!

Crowley: I'm the one in chains, but we're both prisoners here.

Abaddon: I love the future.

Abaddon: I missed you, did you miss me?

Abaddon: You're the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.

Ezekiel: Everything he knows, I know.

Dean Winchester: I'm awesome, so there's that.

Dean Winchester: Burgers and silkwood showers on me.

Dean Winchester: Who worked you over?
Crowley: Martin Hayward and Brandon Favors.

Dean Winchester: Crap, we're living in a freakin' sitcom.

Season 9 Episode 3: "I'm No Angel"

Castiel: Do you ever tire of urinating? I'll never get used to it.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, woke up, went for a run... beautiful sunrise.

Dean Winchester: I'm sure you do, but, Sam, you went through the trials, okay, that put a big strain on you. I just think it would be better if you took it easy, you know, and didn't act like you were...
Ezekiel: Possessed by an angel?

Dean Winchester: I'm gonna get whiplash.

Batholomew: He prepareth this special award for helping him populate a true Heaven on Earth.

Castiel: You know, I'm finding that often people with the least to give are the most generous.

Batholomew: No, I'm very dangerous.

Batholomew: I got one word for you, "Winchester".

Castiel: Am I strange?

April Young: You look like you've been to hell and back.
Castiel: Yeah, a few times.

Sam Winchester: Do you even read the label?
Dean Winchester: No, I read "pie", the rest is just blah, blah, blah.

Castiel: I stabbed him, he exploded.

Maurice: Naomi is dead, resting in pieces.

Castiel: I'm no angel.

Castiel: And that required intercourse?

April Young: Nothing but reruns on this channel.

Castiel: If my grace were the key to empowering the spell, I may be the key to countering it.

April Young: This girl is popular with all the boys.

Dean Winchester: Never do that again!

Castiel: There really is a lot to being human, isn't there?
Dean Winchester: It ain't all just burritos and strippers, my friend.

Dean Winchester: Did you have protection?

Season 9 Episode 4: "Slumber Party"

James Haggerty: Took three years to build this dump?
Peter Jenkins: Dump? Dump!? Are you kidding?

Peter Jenkins: What a dump!

Peter Jenkins: Holy buckets, it's really you!

Dorothy Baum: Now, which one of you geniuses is going to help me kill the wicked witch?

Crowley: Hello Moose.

Sam Winchester: Do you see anybody else here?

Dean Winchester: This is a computer?
Sam Winchester: Yeah... or it was in 1951 when it was installed.

Dorothy Baum: I have tried cutting off her head, burning her, dowsing her with holy water... all she did was laugh.

Dorothy Baum: I was hoping you stiffs have a way to kill someone from Oz.

Charlie Bradbury: I took down a teenage vampire and a ghost.

Charlie Bradbury: Sweet Ada Lovelace, this thing belongs in a museum!

Sam Winchester: You really can't delete those from the Internet?
Charlie Bradbury: Not even I can do that.

Charlie Bradbury: A top-secret place that I call Amazon.

Charlie Bradbury: So take-out, sleepover, braid each other's hair?

Dean Winchester: Pace yourself, Toto.

Dorothy Baum: It's you and me forever, bitch.

Crowley: Hello, lovely.

Crowley: What's the matter, darling, cowardly lion got your tongue?

Charlie Bradbury: Ozma of Oz...
Dorothy Baum: ...is a total ass.

Crowley: If it isn't the scarecrow and the tin man.

Dorothy Baum: Yellow bricks or not, give me the open road any day.

Charlie Bradbury: Merry Christmas.

Charlie Bradbury: Can we be best friends now?

Dorothy Baum: You're not a real hunter until you've died and come back again.

Dorothy Baum: Sometimes real life is darker than fiction.

Charlie Bradbury: There's a garage in this place?

Charlie Bradbury: Death by shoe.

Charlie Bradbury: That's definitely not your Batman voice.

Dorothy Baum: Alright, let's see what you pencil necks are made of.

Charlie Bradbury: Now heel!

Charlie Bradbury: Ding dong bitches!

Charlie Bradbury: Am I a zombie now? Do I need to eat brains?

Sam Winchester: There's no place like home.

Season 9 Episode 5: "Dog Dean Afternoon"

Dean Winchester: The slippery nipple shots at the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede nearly killed the guy.

Dean Winchester: A demonic luchador?

Dean Winchester: I don't like the way that one's looking at me.

Dean Winchester: I always knew I'd find the source of all evil at the vegan bakery.

Pound Clerk: Dude, you said you were from a perfume company.

Sam Winchester: I guess we can rule out killer.

Sam Winchester: Who knew the, uh, Men of Letters had its own Eskimo section.

Dean Winchester: What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

Colonel: Change the station.

Sam Winchester: I think you might be a dog.

Dean Winchester: Ruh roh.

Colonel: Don't look at me, hoss, it ain't my fault.

Colonel: To sniff up more clues? To dig up something we missed?

Colonel: My sacks' emptier than Santa's after Christmas.

Pigeon: Screw you asshat.

Pigeon: Be your ride's gonna look sweet in white.

Caged Dog: I was framed!

Mouse: I'm as quiet as a mouse, he he.

Leo: Chameleons aren't that bad, kinda taste like chicken.

Leo: How the hell did you do that?

Leo: Screw the sharktopus, you're my main course.

Leo: What was your mom smoking when she had you two?

Dean Winchester: Don't make me lick your damned face.

Season 9 Episode 6: "Heaven Can't Wait"

Nora: Where have you been all my life?

Dean Winchester: There is a god!

Kevin: In other words, a perfect excuse to bail out of research.

Sheriff: This look like suicide to you?

Dean Winchester: We're not just keep' him chained up for the one-liners.

Castiel: It's Steve now.

Dean Winchester: So you went from fighting heavily battles to nuking taquitos...

Sam Winchester: Like it or not, there's still a little part of you that's not a douche.
Crowley: Sorry, Moose. To the last drop.

Castiel: Everything I ever attempted came out wrong.

Dean Winchester: This is Agent Lee Ermey.

Castiel: Dean, this is bad. This is very bad.

Dean Winchester: You're scared.

Crowley: Even Dahmer got one telephone call.

Dean Winchester: That's enough Tony Manero.

Dean Winchester: Go get'em tiger.

Nora: Baby Tanya never cries.

Crowley: What's wrong Short Round? Afraid of needles?

Crowley: I've been place on hold.

Ephram: I won't stop until I wash the planet clean of all suffering.

Ephram: You think I cam for her? No, Castiel, I came for you.

Abaddon: The days of Crowley, King of Bureaucrats, are done.

Crowley: You ganky, putrescent skanker!

Abaddon: How does it feel, Crowley, to be the Winchesters' bitch?

Crowley: I keep my agreements.

Season 9 Episode 7: "Bad Boys"

Jack: You little bastards!

Sam Winchester: I'm sorry, there's no, uh, there's no d-dog...

Dean Winchester: That's what we told you... right.

Sam Winchester: You were here two months and dad couldn't find you?

Deputy: You think that's funny?
Dean Winchester: I think you're slow.
Deputy: You sucker punched me!
Dean Winchester: You wish!

Dean Winchester: All right, Casper, where are you at?

Sonny: I'm proud of you.

Sonny: Because you get one shot at this game, Dean, and when you look in the mirror, you want the guy looking back at you to be his own man.

Dean Winchester: Either of you touch him ever again I'm gonna go all Guantanamo on you. Understand me?

Dean Winchester: I want to be a rock star, but also really like cars.

Dean Winchester: I'm not going anywhere, Robin.

Dean Winchester: Sometimes you got to do what's best for you, even it it's gonna hurt the ones you love.

Robin: You look pretty rockin' to me, Dean Winchester.

Sam Winchester: Here I was thinking this was the worst part of your life and it turns out it was the best.

Season 9 Episode 8: "Rock and a Hard Place"

Sam Winchester: Just, uh, resting my head for a second.

Sam Winchester: I feel like my battery can't be charged.

Dean Winchester: Ready to get your worship on?

Bonnie Futchko: Well, I'll be a squirrel in a skirt.

Bonnie Futchko: Congratulations Sam and Dean Winchester, you are both virgins.

Sam Winchester: Wee-bit of an over-share, Dean.
Dean Winchester: I was purifying.

Dean Winchester: Guess who's taking the teacher home. Ha ha. Research.

Tammy: Honor is going to Hell.

Jody Mills: She said she heard sex noises, then Barb crying, then Neal telling Barb it didn't count because it was under thirty seconds.

Jody Mills: I'm sorr... Dragons? Those are a thing?

Sam Winchester: Too many things are things.

Dean Winchester: Not now, Kato.

Jody Mills: You know, for being born again today, you sure look like crap.

Jody Mills: I don't make promises I can't keep.

Dean Winchester: I've seen a lot of awful things, stuff of nightmares, k, but you... you're the good dreams.

Dean Winchester: Why don't you ask me again in Spanish?

Suzy Lee: I gonna say, I really missed that.
Dean Winchester: I miss it already.

Jody Mills: I think we need the real McCoy here, Sam.

Jody Mills: Really, this is how a goddess acts?

Jody Mills: Sucks to be Lindsay Lohan, doesn't it?

Vesta: Dear boy, you're all duct tape and safety pins inside. How are you alive?

Dean Winchester: I can't let you put this on yourself.

Season 9 Episode 9: "Holy Terror"

Dean Winchester: I'd like my brother back please.

Gadreel: I have better tings to do with my time than eavesdrop.

Sam Winchester: That sign said Fort Collins 50 miles.
Dean Winchester: So?
Sam Winchester: So, last time I looked, 12 seconds ago, Fort Collins was 100 miles.

Dean Winchester: You're not up to warp seep yet, k? But you will be. Would I lie?

Castiel: Hey, Cass is back in town.

Malachi: I don't deal with hand maidens.

Malachi: And so it begins.

Dean Winchester: She was hot.
Castiel: So hot, and very nice... up until the point she started torturing me.

Metatron: I know who you really are, and it isn't Ezikiel.

Metatron: My solitude is getting tedious.

Sam Winchester: They were a born again biker gang.

Dean Winchester: Haven't I always said angels were dicks?

Gadreel: You intend to be the ruler of this new heaven, am I correct?
Metatron: It is a burden I feel I must accept.

Castiel: Is this what we've become?

Castiel: If we're going to war, I need to be ready.

Dean Winchester: Yesterday, Cinderella.

Kevin Tran: I always trust you, and I always end up screwed.

Dean Winchester: I tricked you into saying "yes". It seemed like the only way.

Gadreel: There is no more Sam, but I played him convincingly, I thought.

Season 9 Episode 10: "Road Trip"

Thaddeus: Bitch, did I stutter?

Thaddeus: Why be an angel when you can be a god?

Dean Winchester: Sorry doesn't pay the bills, does it?

Crowley: How many times am I going to have to say this? People, in your general vicinity don't have much in the way of a life span.

Crowley: 'Cause if I'm Plan A, I'm sure you have a totally viable, much better, Plan B.

Castiel: It's Crowley, he can always do something.

Crowley: What are you, a pimp?

Metatron: Welcome home, sweet hearts.

Metatron: It's not your place to ask questions, it's you place to obey.

Crowley: The U.S. Government is quite the voyeur these days.

Cecily: I tuned up one of our satellites to pick up angel radio.

Cecily: Oh that "B" with an "itch" ain't the boss.

Crowley: Your phallus on wheels just ran a red light in Summerset, Pennsylvania ten minutes ago. Let's go. The Three Amigos ride again.

Abner: Customer support, computers mostly. It's like answering prayers, but they pay for it.

Dean Winchester: I thought you were one of the good guys!

Dean Winchester: So you're sayin' we're both a couple of dumb-asses?
Castiel: I prefer the word "trusting". Less dumb, less ass.

Crowley: Laverne! Shirley! Get in here!

Castiel: You ruined the universe you damn son of a bitch!

Crowley: Other than the fact that I'm trying to unravel a living multi-dimensional knot of pure energy, not much.

Crowley: I'm not one for sloppy seconds.

Gadreel: I will destroy you.
Crowley: Eat me!

Dean Winchester: A demon and an angel walk into my brother... It sounds like a bad joke.

Sam Winchester: Why is this ghoul only chomping on dead cheerleaders?

Crowley: Blow it up and cast that punk-ass holy roller out!

Metatron: Let me guess, Winchester trouble?

Crowley: Right now, I'm the good-est guy you got.

Crowley: I'm dead, yes, I know. I love you, too.

Crowley: See, the demons have a choice: take orders from the world's angriest ginger, and that's saying something, or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin, and all the entrails they can eat.

Sam Winchester: I was ready to die, Dean.

Season 9 Episode 11: "First Born"

Dean Winchester: Never heard of it. Can I kill you now?

Dean Winchester: You want to hunt with me?
Crowley: I do love a good buddy comedy.

Dean Winchester: How do I know this isn't a trap?
Crowley: You don't. That's what makes it fun.

Castiel: I miss you PB&J.

Sam Winchester: You're a terrible liar.
Castiel: That's not true! I once deceived and betrayed both you and your brother.

Crowley: I've been inside your brother, we're practically family.
Dean Winchester: Listen to me, we're the furthest thing from family. You got that, dick bag?

Castiel: You have a guinea pig? Where?

Tara: If your daddy could see you now.

Crowley: That's the father of murder!
Dean Winchester: Sorry, who?
Crowley: It's Cain!

Cain: What are the King of Hell and a Winchester doing at my house?

Sam Winchester: Being a human means settling your debts. Let's start balancing the books.

Crowley: This is, by far, the dumbest idea you've ever had!

Crowley: Nothing, not even porn.

Castiel: Why must the Winchesters run toward death?

Cain: Since when does the great Dean Winchester ask for help? Come on, that doesn't sound like the man I read about on demon bathroom walls.

Crowley: Really? Isn't it past your bed time?

Crowley: You're good, but I'm Crowley.

Castiel: The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you is me.

Castiel: That PB&J thought me that angels can change, so who knows, may Winchesters can change, too.

Crowley: You plus demons equals fight night.

Season 9 Episode 12: "Sharp Teeth"

Sam Winchester: I'm looking a John Doe that was admitted her a few days ago. He's a skinny Ichabod Crane-looking kind of guy.

Sam Winchester: Are you trying to jump start him or kill him?

Sam Winchester: Turns out he, uh... he left some grace in me before he bolted.
Dean Winchester: You know how wrong that sounds, right?

Dean Winchester: I'm gone for two weeks and you're like an episode of Teen Mom.

Garth: Guys, everyone take a chill pill and put the guns down.

Garth: That's Dean, now he can start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside he's just a big old teddy bear. And Sam here, Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reasons, bless his heart.

Sam Winchester: You're married?
Dean Winchester: To a werewolf?

Garth: Yeah, because you two came busting in here like a house on fire, guns waving, the jaw lines and the hair... it's very intimidating.

Jim Myers: The road to revenge is a dark and lonely one, which you never get off.

Dean Winchester: Don't you two have a chew toy, or something, to go play with?

Garth: I know this all looks nuts, but I found it; love and a family. Who cares where that comes from?

Sam Winchester: This wouldn't be the first time we've come across a friendly monster, or a family of friendly monsters, whatever this is.

Dean Winchester: Nothing wrong with a little fear. It's what makes us human.

Sam Winchester: I get it now. Why co-exist when you can rule?

Dean Winchester: We're all a little weird, we're all a little wacky, some more than others, but if it works, it works.

Sam Winchester: We don't see things the same way any more.

Season 9 Episode 13: "The Purge"

Jim Morgan: I saw you slip a hot dog in your pocket.
Wayne McNut: Well, I'd hate to break it to you, pal, but that's not a hot dog.

Dean Winchester: No, Rudy was on, and then Unforgiven, then I was just too jacked to sleep, so... research.
Sam Winchester: Gadreel?
Dean Winchester: Yeah, and Metatron, Mark of Cain, and crickets.

Sam Winchester: Witchcraft?
Dean Winchester: Or a heavy duty laxative.

Sheriff Hanscum: This year alone, Wayne won the Butter Bowl, the Wingding, and Shrimptasia.

Jim Morgan: When I gear up for a competition I eat lettuce; it stretches the stomach.
Dean Winchester: Yet another reason to stay away from salads.

Dean Winchester: What do we got ourselves, a "Thinner" sitch here?

Mala Morgan: Wayne used to call me his Princess Jasmine.

Dean Winchester: Known fact, all women lie about their weight and age.
Sam Winchester: Wait, you told that waitress the other day you were 29.

Dean Winchester: You're awkward, you know, weird. Sam Weird. Sorry man, I'm just being honest.

Dean Winchester: Kind of like Hans and Franz, but, uh... less German.

Dean Winchester: Nice shorts.
Sam Winchester: Nice hair net.

Sam Winchester: You're not the only one who's ever dated someone bendy.

Dean Winchester: Go ahead, man. I'll catch up.

Dean Winchester: These aren't supplements, they're ruffies.
Sam Winchester: What? How do you know what roofies look like?
Dean Winchester: How do you not know?

Sheriff Hanscum: My husband, Doug, left me last year 'cause, he said, I loved cookie-dough milkshakes more than him.

Dean Winchester: Okay, I'm not a health nut, but that is just wrong.

Maritza: I'm a Pishtaco.
Dean Winchester: A fish taco?
Maritza: A Pishtaco. It means "Paruvian Fat Sucker".

Dean Winchester: Last I checked, we were in the business of killing monsters.

Dean Winchester: I may not think things all the way through, okay? But what I do, I do because it's the right thing.

Sam Winchester: Please tell me, what is the upside of me being alive?

Season 9 Episode 14: "Captives"

Sam Winchester: So...
Dean Winchester: Yup, bunker's haunted.

Dean Winchester: Sam, I'm telling you, this ghost, it's not Kevin.

Dean Winchester: Kevin, I'm sorry. You did not choose this life, you busted your ass, you lost everything, everyone you loved, and your reward... getting killed on my watch.

Kevin: Heaven's closed for business.

Kevin: It's bad in here, like DMV line times infinity bad.

Sam Winchester: You feel that? I think I felt a chill.

Sam Winchester: It's your third unanswered voice mail. You ever think he's just not into you?

Bartholomew: No, we made him and his colleagues vessels, at least those who didn't go pop.

Bartholomew: There's no reason the two of us can't take him down... together.

Del: Am I not a young, vital demon? With basic demon needs and rights?

Castiel: Who I was, what I did, that's not who I am.

Bartholomew: Shall we put your superiority to the test, once and for all?

Bartholomew: There can be no peace without bloodshed.

Mrs. Tran: He's my son. It's my job to keep him safe, for as long as I can.

Castiel: I'm sorry. I'm no leader.

Season 9 Episode 15: "#THINMAN"

Sam Winchester: Why wouldn't I?
Dean Winchester: I don't know, man, 'cause, lately with you, up is down and down is sideways, you know. I don't know what you want.

Dean Winchester: Son of a bitch.

Harry: The Winchesters. Yay.
Ed: Says nobody.
Harry: Ever.

Harry: Say hola to my little pistola.

Dean Winchester: So you can either walk outta here... or crawl. Up to you.

Harry: Amazon me, bitches.
Dean Winchester: I will shoot you, bitches.

Harry: Fifty shades of way too much protein.

Harry: We can't let those jockstraps steal our glory.

Dean Winchester: Playing paparazzi at a crime scene – who does that help but yourselves?

Dean Winchester: Cut the crap. Do either of you actually know what Thinman is?
Ed: No, we just play supernaturalists on TV.

Harry: Quit raining on my rainbow.
Ed: Rainbows can't happen without rain.
Harry: Don't try using science with me.

Sam Winchester: Trust me here, secrets ruin relationships.

Harry: I just got punched right in the feels.

Ed: I don't want to be a jellyfish spine anymore, Harry.
Harry: Jellyfish don't have spines.

Busboy: She wouldn't go out with me so I set her up with someone else, my knife.

Dean Winchester: So, how did you two meet? Wackjob.com?

Ed: It's Scooby-Doo time douche bag!

Dean Winchester: Like I said, people are sick.

Season 9 Episode 16: "Blade Runners"

Dean Winchester: Where the hell is he? It isn't like he's got a social life.

Lola: Pantry's almost empty. We're gonna need a new volunteer.

Sam Winchester: We can do this one of two ways: the easy way - you talk, or the easier way - you still talk.

Crowley: I'm in a jam, of sorts. Thought you might help.

Dean Winchester: You're just gonna let Hell go to hell?

Crowley: You don't know what it's like to be human!

Sam Winchester: What is Crowley doing?
Dean Winchester: Stealing candy.

Crowley: Seriously, boys, how did you ever function without me?

Cuthbert Sinclair: There's a spell for damn near everything.

Cuthbert Sinclair: Welcome to the collection, Dean.

Crowley: You're right, Moose, you can't trust me, but, sadly, I can't trust you either.

Season 9 Episode 17: "Mother's Little Helper"

Dean Winchester: Maybe she snapped? Ankle biters can do that to you.

Dean Winchester: It sounds like the case of the crazies to me.

Sam Winchester: It's like the littlest things can set them off... kinda like me.

Crowley: You're lying to Sam like he's your wife, which kinda makes me your mistress.

Julia Wilkinson: I say demons and you don't bat an eye when everyone else around here thinks I'm nuts on toast.

Henry Winchester: Good evening, sister. We're here from the office of the inquisition.

Crowley: Last time we chitchatted, we agreed that you were going to line up Carrot Top.

Crowley: Just between us girls, how did you feel when you sunk the First Blade into Magus' head?
Dean Winchester: Not half as good as I'm gonna feel when it's yours.
Crowley: Love it when you talk dirty.

Julia Wilkinson: I'm an ex-nun, sweetie, complicated is my middle name.

Abaddon: A woman amongst the Men of Letters?

Abaddon: Abaddon takes what she wants, and right now she wants everything.

Crowley: Why are you fighting what you really are?

Crowley: I'm going to go water the lily, care to cross streams?

Crowley: It takes a junkie to know a junkie.

Dean Winchester: So I'm all in, no matter what the consequences.

Crowley: Of course he saved me, we're besties.

Sam Winchester: Can I ask you something?
Julia Wilkinson: If it's for a date, I'm sorry, I never see anyone under sixty-five. Too much drama.

Abaddon: I feel like a whole new person.

Sam Winchester: She's mining souls.
Dean Winchester: Why?
Sam Winchester: To create an army.

Season 9 Episode 18: "Meta Fiction"

Castiel: It's acting as some kind of angel siren.

Castiel: I miss my wings.

Gadreel: Humans never cease to amaze me.

Hunter Supplier: Griffins and Fairies – what the hell you hunting, man?
Gadreel: Family.

Gabriel: I need your help, brother.

Gabriel: Please. You can't take the trick out of the Trickster.

Gabriel: Used most of my juice to get back into porn... That came out wrong.

Gabriel: I'm getting the band back together. We're going on the kill Metatron tour, and you're looking at the new front man.

Gabriel: Bitch, please, you've been god more often than dad has.

Sam Winchester: Remember me?

Gabriel: The angels need a leader.

Metatron: This is the curious incident, hey Inspector Gregory?

Metatron: You have been around since scaly things crawled out of the muck, would it have kill you to pick up a book, or watch a movie?

Metatron: First rule of Writer's Club, steal from the best. Second rule, every hero needs a villain.

Castiel: You did all this to make me a hero?

Metatron: Among all God's little windup toys, you were the only one with any spunk.

Gadreel: I loved humanity.
Dean Winchester: Well, you have a funny way of showing it, ass-hat.

Metatron: I'm an entity of my word.

Metatron: Either of you bring s'mores? Holy Fire always gives them a delightful minty aftertaste.

Sam Winchester: You want to sneak on the Death Star, take out the emperor?

Metatron: What writer doesn't love a good twist.

Season 9 Episode 19: "Alex Annie Alexis Ann"

Cody: I keep telling you, you can run and you can hide, but we will always find you.

Jody Mills: You boys are a sight!

Annie Jones: If you two are FBI then I'm Taylor Swift. That wasn't a dental ID, it was a fang check.

Annie Jones: After what's happened... Momma finds me she'll kill me.

Jody Mills: I think I can handle babysitting detail.

Jody Mills: They're good cops, but they're not ready for this.

Momma: You calling my family "weird"?

Dean Winchester: Hey, do you need a hand with that? Oh, ha, ha. I guess not.

Dean Winchester: She is better than you, dumbass!

Dale: In her own sweet way, girl's as bloodthirsty as any vampire.

Jody Mills: I don't give a fig about the nest, that girl was under my protection.

Momma: Do you have any idea the mess you made?

Annie Jones: I'd rather die than feel that way again.

Momma: I should have turned you years ago.

Conner: And when we hit the road, we like to pack a lunch.

Momma: This hunter-cop bitch is trying to turn you against me to save her own hide.

Dean Winchester: Look at me, bitch!

Jody Mills: Don't watch this, sweetheart.

Sam Winchester: It looked to me like you were enjoying it... maybe too much.

Dean Winchester: Killing things that need killing is kind of our job.

Season 9 Episode 20: "Bloodlines"

Mindy: Aww, I liked you as a blonde.

Sal Lassiter: I'm not looking for trouble, I just want a drink.
Julian Duval: And I want to eat Taylor Swift's heart, but we can't always get what we want.

David Lassiter: Spread the word, I got answers to the math final, fifty bucks a pop.

David Lassiter: Teddy's House of Piñatas, Cinnamon speaking.

Ennis Roth: I know what I saw.

Dean Winchester: Listen, detective, your perp fits a certain profile. Now, I could go into detail, but I'm not going to.

Dean Winchester: I don't know what to tell you, kid, there's no such thing as monsters.

Margo Lassiter: We don't pay you for maybe, Freddy.

Margo Lassiter: Tell the ghouls, the djinn, and whoever, I run this family now. So they can either back us or I'll bend 'em over, jam a 45 elbow deep and empty the damn clip.

David Lassiter: What's with the NRA Christmas in here?

David Lassiter: I'm not saying don't fight. I'm saying be smart, find out what happened.

Julian Duval: You're the bitch in this pack, princess.

Dean Winchester: He looks better with a little off the top, don't you think?

Sam Winchester: I've been there, but what we do, it's messed up. So do yourself a favour and stay out.

Ennis Roth: So you slap on somebody else's face, huh?
David Lassiter: It's kinda my go-to.

David Lassiter: Chicago is divided up into five monster families.

Violet Durant: You're a runaway and I'm a bitch. We don't matter.

Dean Winchester: What is this, Godfather with fangs?

Ennis Roth: Dude, he's a frickin' transformer.

Marv: You think I'm some kind of freak, like you, but I'm not.

Dean Winchester: Okay, you guys can kiss and make up later, we've got work to do.

Marv: Here's the thing, you can look human, and act human, but deep down you're just a monster.

Ennis Roth: I only see one monster here.

Season 9 Episode 21: "King of the Damned"

Abaddon: I'm a friend of the family, and I want you.

Sam Winchester: So this war between angels is really going to happen, huh?
Castiel: Not if I can find a diplomatic option for getting rid of Metatron.

Crowley: So, here's the thing, boys and girls, we have a crisis.

Crowley: Nobody in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you will be tortured with.

Abaddon: And once I'm gone, who do you think is next on those cute boys' list?

Crowley: To be clear, I will not be joining you, ever... Except at your death scene, where I shall burst into song.

Ezra: There's no use torturing me, I'm a trained commando. I won't work.

Ezra: You don't need gates when you have a private portal.

Abaddon: Can you cook a pigeon on it?

Gavin MacLeod: Are we in heaven? You must be angels!
Crowley & Abaddon: Wow.

Sam Winchester: Sucks to be you.

Dean Winchester: Dim bulb... No wonder he got bumped.

Gavin MacLeod: You sold your soul? Sold it? For an extra three inches of willy?

Crowley: Not just any demon, I'm the king! The king of Hell! And there you were worried the old man wouldn't amount to much.

Gavin MacLeod: So, if you're a king, that would make me... prince?
Crowley: You say I've never given you anything. A title!

Crowley: You're negotiating with me? That's my boy.

Crowley: Hello, Dean. Love the crazy blood-lust in your eyes.

Crowley: Please. No one bends the rules like you two bend the rules.

Crowley: I'll cheer the day the last trace of humanity leaves me.

Gavin MacLeod: So this is goodbye then.
Crowley: Yes, forever. Unless, of course, I catch you smoking, in which case I'll smack you stupid.

Season 9 Episode 22: "Stairway to Heaven"

Dean Winchester: Nice reflexes, better hair.

Sam Winchester: We didn't decide, you did.

Sam Winchester: Magic that powerful comes at a price, and, right now, we don't know what that price is.

Sam Winchester: Spears and Aguilera?
Castiel: I noticed your aliases are usually the names of popular musicians.

Metatron: You are such an angel sometimes.

Metatron: He's like a mentally deficient puppy, but I'm lovable.

Castiel: I'm going to be sick.

Metatron: So, wait, you're turning me down because of bowling?

Flagstaff: You believe every problem can be solved with a gun. You play the hero, but underneath the hype, you're a killer with oceans of blood on his hands.

Castiel: I'm very pop-culture savvy now.

Tessa: There is no god, only Castiel.

Sam Winchester: The Last Crusade? Okay.

Sam Winchester: It looks like he got Home Aloned.

Isaiah: I look into your eyes and I don't see an Angel starring back at me.

Tessa: Dean, what have you done.
Dean Winchester: What I had to.
Tessa: Welcome to the club.

Metatron: While everyone else is playing checkers, I'm playing Monopoly, and I always build a hotel on Boardwalk, and I always win.

Dean Winchester: Until I jam that blade in that douchebag's heart, we are not a team, this is a dictatorship.

Season 9 Episode 23: "Do You Believe in Miracles"

Dean Winchester: Helluva plan, fellas.

Metatron: Quick, which makes me look more pathetic?

Crowley: What can I say? I wear my stress.

Crowley: Love, if I wanted a soapy massage from Dr. Phil, I would've hit three on the speed-dial.

Dean Winchester: What the hell is happening to me you son-of-a-bitch?

Crowley: The more you kill the better you feel, the less you kill the less-better you feel.

Sam Winchester: Sorry I'm a little less than eager to hear that our best chance is... is arming the warhead and hoping it hits the mark.

Crowley: And you never get tired of the rat race? Never get the urge to just bugger off and howl at the moon? Never ask yourself "is this it"? "Is this all there is"?

Dean Winchester: Oh, so you're a full metal douche again. Well, that's fantastic, would you like a stuffed bear?

Sam Winchester: You tricked me, Dean, and now I'm the one who wakes up in the middle of the night seeing my hands killing Kevin.

Crowley: Excuse me, I'm not exactly demon minion number 3 here.

Crowley: I guess I've been Winchestered.

Metatron: How can one be a fraud when one offers nothing – a little love, a little hope, the occasional miracle - nothing more.

Dean Winchester: You can save the humble pie Jesus routine for somebody who gives a damn.

Dean Winchester: You are nothing but Bernie Madoff with wings.

Metatron: You are powered by the bone of a jack-ass and it's just awesome, right?

Dean Winchester: I'm proud of us.

Castiel: I'm no leader, Hannah. I never was. I just want to be an angel.


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