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The Purge

Season 9, Episode 13 Aired: 2014-02-05

Supernatural: The Purge Review

Peruvian Fat Suckers

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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We've all heard of the crazy weight-loss methods being sold to desperate people, but I think Supernatural may have just provided the most insane one yet.

It didn't appear that it was going to be some crazy health-nut story, though. In fact, it started off with the one of the unhealthiest, and disgusting, beginnings yet. We know Dean has never been a fan of eating healthy, but even he should have gagged at what the two competitors have been stuffing into their bodies.

This food-stuffed beginning even introduced a large enough suspect pool that would have easily filled a normal crime drama. Even as it moved from obesity to healthy, the suspect count only continued to grow. Most mystery novels would love to keep the keep us guessing like The Purge did. Seriously, did anyone suspect the real killer? Be honest.

And here I thought getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar was bad.

The case also tied in with the family problems the brothers are having quite well. It is as if everyone is having trouble with being able to trust family lately. Sam and Dean have been at it for a while, now, but this episode introduced a cheating spouse, a cop that loved food more than her husband, and a betraying sibling. Is something happening in the world that is destroying people's trust? It almost seems that way.

I am very disappointed in Dean's attitude at the end, though. I thought Benny, and lately Garth, would have been the catalyst to change his perspective that all monsters must die, but it doesn't appear he's learnt his lesson. Maybe it is a good thing Sam is still a long; Dean obviously needs a voice of conscience on his shoulder. This is only reaffirming my belief that Dean is going to become something evil at the end of the season.

The Purge definitely didn't move in the direction I expected, but I think that the episode was all the better for it. I think I know a few people that need a trip to Peru. I'm sure the Fat Suckers would appreciate it.

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