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First Born

Season 9, Episode 11 Aired: 2014-01-21

Supernatural: First Born Review

Buddy Comedy

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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I suspected that Crowley was taking a liking to his captors, but running back to join up with them again just after being freed was completely unexpected. Of course, there were strings attached, but you wouldn't expect anything less from the King of Hell.

Typically, Dean would need a damn good reason to willingly team up with Crowley again. Since they both wanted to see Abaddon dead since last year, the hint of a weapon that can kill her was exactly what the demon ordered. While the First Blade didn't make an appearance, yet, a very power legend did, the first murderer, Cain!

There are many twists on the old legends that I haven't been happy with in the past, but Cain was definitely not one of them. I really enjoyed how this incredibly evil man changed into something so good. The fight night at his house was really fun, too.

Just what every hunter wants to see walk into their lives.

Only one thing bothered me about this whole story, though. Why didn't Dean at least listen to Cain's warning before accepting? I understand he is willing to do anything to slay Abaddon, but wouldn't it be smarter to at least know what to expect? Cain should have at least finished the warning after giving it to him, too. The way that played out felt like a very cheap way to create a new twist in the future. Who knows, maybe this will turn Dean into a demon during the season finale making him the big bad for season 10.

The second buddy story was Castiel and Sam's, which was significantly less entertaining, and far less worth the time. I know Sam really wants that prick of an angel to pay for what he did in his body, and that he has a death-wish, but death by lethal extraction... really? Other than the emotional pep talk and healing from Cass, there wasn't even anything of substantial value that came out of this. I just hope that this will be the end of Sam's whining and the start of Sam's acceptance of their situation.

As buddy comedies go, First Son was pretty damn good. It may have been a bit bumpy from time to time, but it was still a highly entertaining episode.


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