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Road Trip

Season 9, Episode 10 Aired: 2014-01-14

Supernatural: Road Trip Review

The New Deal

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Dean has made many mistakes in the past, but when he gave Sam to that angel... Wow! Talk about consequences. But it isn't the mistakes that define a person, it is how they resolve them, right? Okay, maybe this many huge blunders is kinda hard to fix.

Watching how the Winchesters got out insane situations was what originally made Supernatural fun to watch, until we got to know the characters anyway, then it was... No, it's still the insane situations. That is main reason why Road Trip was so damned awesome! When Dean needs to resort to a Plan C, and Plan A involved making a deal with the King of Hell, you know things have gotten a bit out of hand. Their final resolution was definitely... unique, and will almost certainly come back to haunt them later on.

Hey, look! I It's Pinhead when he got his first pins inserted.

In the process, we also witnessed how much of a cruel bastard Metatron is, which is definitely rubbing off on Gadreel. Why do the evil and twisted always think that being a cruel and manipulative bastard can turn them into a god anyway? I thought evil gods faded so far into legend that no one alive, okay, maybe anyone sane, would be dumb enough to worship one. With the insanity of so many Angels, maybe they should have made sure that a certain percent of angels were therapists or something.

Of course, hell isn't much different, but at least Crowley understands. So many complain about how politicians become corrupt ass-wipes when they get in power, but they are still better than the ruthless dictators, like Abaddon. It will be certainly interesting to see how the battle for hell plays out in the coming weeks. If Crowley does win, it might be a good idea for him to play nice with his temporary allies, though. I certainly can't see Supernatural continue on without him anymore, can you?

In a way, I was still hoping for something more drastic to happen to Sam through all this. Sure, his healing will still take some time, and there are still lots of possible pitfalls in the future, but isn't it time for him to finally pass the torch? After nine years of him trying to quit or die, maybe it's time to just let him get his peace for a change... or re-release Lucifer and let him play house for a while. That's always good for a few kicks, right?


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