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Heaven Can’t Wait

Season 9, Episode 6 Aired: 2013-11-12

Supernatural: Heaven Can’t Wait Review

It's a Dirty Job...

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Wonder what Castiel has been up to since being unceremoniously kicked out by another very possessive angel? Well, Heaven Can't Wait answered it, but it didn't do too much for our image of him.

I have nothing against jobs such as Castiel's, but going from a slayer of demons and angels to scrubbing floors at a convenience store does feel like too much of a drop. Yet, at the same time, it is also the perfect job for someone knew to life as human since that type of job shows off the "human condition" like few others can. Perhaps through his experiences he will figure out exactly what it mean to be human so that he isn't so awkward next time he goes on a hunt.

He definitely has a long way to go, though. He has always blundered during his encounters with people on cases, but I had hoped he would at least know how to act like a normal person by now instead of some logic-controlled android. At least he still proved that he has a lot to offer with his knowledge of angels.

Even now he can't do anything right.

Crowley is also proving quite useful, and that usefulness might have just become more frequent thanks to everything he learnt during his blood call. I knew that Abaddon was going to make a move for control, but I never thought she would be able to make such sweeping changes so quickly. It might have made sense for her to seize the moment, but if Crowley completely sides with his former enemies it could become a very bad time to be a demon.

I really dislike that Dean has become far too accustomed to withholding information, though. Keeping the secret about Zeke is still sort of understandable, but I cannot find any reason he wouldn't tell Cass about what they learnt about the angelic eviction. When these secrets do come out, everyone is going to be mighty pissed at Dean.

While Heaven Can't Wait was an interesting episode that will have lasting repercussions in future episodes, it still wasn't as fun or exciting as many of the episodes this season. Too bad every episode can't be awesome.


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