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Dog Dean Afternoon

Season 9, Episode 5 Aired: 2013-11-05

Supernatural: Dog Dean Afternoon Review

Look Who's Talkin' Now!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Supernatural has had some crazy episodes in the past, but I don't think any of them were as hilarious and fun as Dog Dean Afternoon. Unlike the past hilarious episodes, this one still managed to stay within the confines of a normal case for these brothers, while bringing us near continuous laughter.

It has been a long time since we've actually seen them back on a normal case for a change. In a way, it should have felt like a normal filler episode, but thanks to the ingenious use of Zeke, Colonel, and the unique spells, it definitely didn't feel like one.

Like normal case episodes, a new menacing evil still terrorized a town, and they still formed brief single-use allies on their way, but instead of the evil being a creature and their allies human, they fought a human with the aid from some very intelligent and well-behaved animals. It was so well done that part of me wishes that Dean's temporary gift was a permanent one.

Dean, as normal, had some of the best comedic lines and actions, but it was the animals that stole the show this time. Some of the lines were absolute gold! It still hurts the head to believe that animals can communicate in the way they did, as is the fact that they could understand human languages, but it did make for a very amusing hour of TV. Isn't it odd that a paranormal action series can do what most sitcoms fail at, making us laugh? Perhaps other series should take a page from Supernatural's books...

The pigeon was probably right about the impala looking sweet in white.
It would probably look sweet in any colour, really.

The mystery that is Zeke is still going on, too, and it is becoming apparent that his arrangement is not going to end well. I already find it hard to believe that Sam hasn't figured out that he is being controlled, so I can't see it taking too much longer before he figures out the truth. Everything may have been perfectly fine if they were honest with Sam right from the beginning, but hiding the truth for so long is only going to increase the feeling of betrayal when the truth is finally revealed, likely causing a mad rush to find yet another cure for what ails him. That is, of course, saying that Sam will really be able to kick him out. Who knows if what anything Zeke has said is true? Maybe he needed time to set up roots so that he gains full control of the host.

Thankfully, Zeke's presence didn't harm this episode in any way, but only gave us something to think about while we were laughing our heads off. Supernatural needs more episodes like this one... many, many more.


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