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Dog Dean Afternoon

Season 9, Episode 5 Aired: 2013-11-05

Supernatural: Dog Dean Afternoon

Episode Plot

While investigating two bizarre murders, Sam and Dean realize there is an eyewitness to both gruesome deaths – a German Sheppard. Anxious to find out if they are dealing with a witch, a skinwalker or other supernatural monster, the guys look up a spell that could let Dean "communicate" with the dog. Unfortunately, the spell comes with side effects that no one saw coming.

Starring Cast

Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester


Episode Quotes

Dean Winchester: I don't like the way that one's looking at me.

Dean Winchester: I always knew I'd find the source of all evil at the vegan bakery.

Dean Winchester: Ruh roh.

Colonel: My sacks' emptier than Santa's after Christmas.

Pigeon: Be your ride's gonna look sweet in white.

Leo: Screw the sharktopus, you're my main course.

Leo: What was your mom smoking when she had you two?

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