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I’m No Angel

Season 9, Episode 3 Aired: 2013-10-22

Supernatural: I’m No Angel Review

Humans of Mercy, Angels of Vengeance

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Cass may have been absent from the previous week's adventures, but his role made up for it this week, and then some.

I completely expected Castiel to be completely over his head without his angel powers, but what he went through bordered on ridiculous. If he was having that much of a problem getting to Sam and Dean, why didn't he just call them again? That made no sense at all! At least all his pain brought him some pleasure along the way.

When they announced Cass was getting a love interest, I knew it had to be doomed; all relationships in Supernatural are. Although, this was a bit extreme. It really did look like April and Clarance had something going, until he was strapped to a chair with a dagger in his chest. Our poor former angel...

Was it really so difficult for this to look as sweet as it looked?

Even worse was Zeke's knee jerk ultimatum. Come on, the man doesn't have a chance in the world without the Supernatural Bros. and he just wants to just kick him out and let him fend off waves of angry angels on his own? I thought he was supposed to be a nice angel... Perhaps there aren't any good angels anymore.

It is a shame that everyone seems to be in a hurry for vengeance, though, since the former angel is probably right about being the key to sending everyone back. With how long everyone is taking at even looking into the matter, it probably won't be until the season finale that we will get to find out. (These season-long arcs are something that I think this series needs to shorten and give us 2-3 a season instead).

As Supernatural episodes go, I'm No Angel was an average one; there wasn't anything amazing, and the few annoyances were balanced out with neat twists. While this episode didn't kick ass, next week's surely will with the return of Felicia Day!

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