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Supernatural: Sacrifice Review

The Fall from Grace

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Supernatural had such a perfect lead-up into this week's season finale, so how could it wrong, right?

Well, to be fair, it aired after Arrow's season finale which set the bar so high that the events in this series felt slow, but we can't blame them for that. The real reason it was disappointing was that it was very light on the action with only made the very anti-climatic ending to the demon trials feel like an even greater letdown.

Seriously, where was all the fighting? There was lots of torture, if your into that sort of thing, which revealed many great surprises that belonged in normal episodes, but no great action sequences. There was that short skit with the knight, but that was so brief it wasn't even heart-pumping. A season finale should be exciting, not full of dialogue.

Don't get me wrong, the dialogue was great. While I loved what was done to Crowley, and the plea from Naomi, it was the Dean's confession to Sam that stole the show. After such a long time of Dean insulting and fighting with Sam, he finally opened up to him to let him know how he feels. The problem is, this should have been done last episode. In fact, this entire episode would have made a great lead-up into a season finale, not as a season finale.

After the entire season told us that they were going to close the Gates of Hell, I never expected it to end on such a low note. Seriously, I would have preferred it they went through with it and suffered the consequences. We don't even know if it was true or not, and even if it was, they have been down this path before and they always manage to return, so why stop now?

Sammy hasn't looked closer to death... maybe he could become DEATH!

Then there was the whole mission to close the Gates of Heaven, which went even further off track. Sure, this might lead us into the big story for the next season, but really? Why not do the same to hell and make Earth the biggest party house in the universe? However, there were a couple of good things that came out of this story; the look on Dean's face when cupid made her hit was great, I love the idea of Cas returning in his new form, and the falling angels were amazingly well done, but it still doesn't wash the WTF taste out of my mouth.

It feels like this season finale was meant to be the actual series finale, with both gates getting closed, but then it was suddenly renewed causing the writers to quickly change things to allow the series to continue. It could also have something to do with so much time being wasted on Sam's flashbacks during the first half of the season that went absolutely nowhere. Just think of it, without all the crap this season, this episode could have been the mid-season finale instead, which would have definitely fit better.

Does the Supernatural season final, Sacrifice, do what it was supposed to, keep viewers interested during the long summer break? Sure, we will still want to know what happens next, but the lack of excitement and satisfaction doesn't make that anticipation as strong as it should be.

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