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Supernatural: Clip Show Review

A Flash from the Past

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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If you thought that the brothers would take a break before heading into the final trial, you obviously don't know how determined they are to finish... after all, Sam's life is on the line.

While "Clip Show" may sound like an episode made up of flashbacks past episodes, (yes there were a few short ones) it instead took us further into the Men of Letters. From the initial reveal of this organization, I never expected that they were running torturous experiments on demons in an attempt to cure their insanity. We knew that the boys had to cure a demon, and now they finally know how. Now with the answer in hand, nothing can stop them from closing hell forever... right? Ha, when is it ever that easy?

Crowley had his own plans in play, which brought back three seemingly random characters from the past; Tommy Collins, and his Wendigo fears, returned for a head popping fright, cupcake baking Jenny Klein showed us how to roast a human, and Sam's brief love, Sarah Blake, demonstrated a new force choke technique. It was neat to see some of these old characters return again, but I would have liked their roles to be more substantial.

Miss me?

Thankfully, the big returning guest has much more potential to play a substantial role in the future. Abbadon, who obviously doesn't like playing doctor with hunters, has returned with a vengeance... only she surprisingly didn't go after her former captors and was more interested in Hell's regime. Is Crowley about to get dethroned by some significantly more powerful? If Hell doesn't get closed this season, I would love it if she becomes the new big bad in the fall.

While the Winchesters are still focused on Hell, the rogue angels have their eyes on the pearly gates. I love the idea that two angels would close the gates to heaven, but I fear for what this will do to Cas. Something tells me that these trials will be just as difficult as the ones to close hell, so the cost will be steep too. If closing the gates of hell is purifying Sam, will locking the gates of heaven corrupt Castiel?

Next week's season finale has been set up to be a colossal event, almost the type I would expect from a series finale. Since we know Supernatural has been renewed for another season, something is bound to go wrong in their plans... but how bad will it be?


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